How To Get All The Samples For The Research Assistant In Dredge

How To Get All The Samples For The Research Assistant In Dredge

:When you’re exploring Stellar Basin in Dredge, you’ll run into the Research Assistant at her scientific research outpost. She’s been having a hard time because a big sea creature moved inside and destroyed almost everything it could reach.

You need to get two sets of samples to figure out what this thing is and what it is doing to the local wildlife. This guide tells you how to get all the samples for the research assistant so you can figure out what’s going on and get the most out of this hunt.

Dredge is just an exploration game in which players take control of a fishing trawler and sail to faraway islands to explore the depths around them.

There are more than 125 deep sea creatures to find, and players must sell their catches to the locals as well as complete quests to gain knowledge more about the troubled history of each area while keeping an eye out for the fog that covers the seas at night.

Where To Find All Of The Samples:

You need to get two sets of samples for the research assistant. Here is a list of all the fish you need, in order, so you can do them in any manner that makes sense to you.

Where To Find An Octopus That Glows:

You could indeed discover a glowing octopus in Stellar Basin by putting a crab pot down anywhere. In this area, we caught one right next to the pontoon, so we didn’t have to go far to get the first sample.

It took each day for a glowing octopus to show up, but depending on the books you’ve read and the kind of pot you’re using, you might catch one sooner. Mouth of the Deep is a good book.

Where To Look For A Light-Up Squid:

It is easy to catch a firefly squid. Wait until night, and afterwards look for a swirling pool of glowing fish under the water’s surface. You can fish there and catch all the light-up squid you want.

Where An Aurora Jellyfish Lives:

We had a great deal of trouble with Aurora jellyfish during this hunt. You can’t use a rod or crab pot to catch them. Instead, you have to learn about Trawler Nets and unlock them, then buy as well as equip one.

With these, you can just sail around and catch fish. While sailing as well as exploring at night in Stellar Basin, we caught an Aurora jellyfish. You should discover one if you do the same.

Once you’ve caught all 3 of these fish and given them to the Research Assistant, you’ll help her with her quest and be able to go to the centre of Stellar Basin.

This will make it possible for you to take the relic to the collector. But you can get another reward if you keep working as a research assistant. To do this, you need to get a sample of the following fish.

Places You Can Find An Anglerfish:

In Stellar Basin, there are a lot of anglerfish. You will have to fish at night in places where abyssal fish live. If you don’t have a rod that really can fish at this depth, you’ll need to do some research or find another way to get one later. Anglerfish spots show fish swimming deep below the surface of the water.

Where To Discover A Loosejaw Stoplight:

In this 2nd portion of the Research Assistant Pursuit, the Stoplight Loosejaw was the fish that gave us the most trouble. It’s only out at night, and at that point, it’s hard to find.

This fish lives in places where the water is stirred up and fish with red eyes swim around below the surface. We suggest leaving from the Research Outpost as well as looking in the water around Stellar Basin rather than within the area.

Where To Look For A Giant Amphipod:

In the middle of Stellar Basin, you’ll find huge amphipods. The Research Assistant will tell you to turn on a machine to get rid of the monster here anyway for a while before sailing in. You can tell where to fish to catch such creatures because they look different from other fish. Their legs are the giveaway.

Snailfish Where To Find Them:

The only place you can catch a snailfish is in the middle of Stellar Basin. To just get those, you must make use of the generator to turn on the machine that temporarily gets rid of the creature in the this area. You can then sail along, catch a snailfish, as well as sail away.

Once you’ve turned in all the samples and done everything else for this quest, the research assistant will tell you why the fish in the this part of the world are so unusual. She will also give you A Plan for the Future, a new book. Put this on and let it sail around to peruse it and find out how to use its benefits.

Do First You Begin Your Quest:

To catch rare fish and so more useful deep-sea curiosities as well as hidden treasures, you’ll also need to learn about special equipment and improve your boat.

Selling these finds to the locals can also help you learn more about each area as well as improve your boat so you can go to even more remote places.


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