How To Get Custom Licence Plates In GTA Online

How To Get Custom Licence Plates In GTA Online:

GTA Online recently introduced a new feature that will be fun for many players because it gives them more ways to modify their cars than before. Players are able to create their own license plates for their cars, in addition to picking their own colors, improvements, and other features.

This was part of an update that came out on April 20, so you can do it on your PC computer or on your phone.

Players of GTA Online like to change and improve their cars in the game. But a new paint job or set of wheels may not be enough to make a car stand out.

Lucky for them, they can change their individual license plates in the game, giving them the last bit of customization they want.

After everything of the latest Rockstar releases, leaks, as well as news, this might be a big year for GTA. Some supporters think that unique license plates might be part of the game setup in the future.

How To Get Personalized License Plates:

To start, players who want to make their own license plate should go to the Grand Theft Auto Online part of the Rockstar website. There, people can make their own license plate using any words they want, as long as they don’t go over the word limit.

After the page loads, you’ll see a screen with a gift license plate and one that’s ready to be changed. By clicking on the first new plate, you can start making changes.

From there, the user will be given different choices, and they will be able to type something onto the license plate of their choice, up to 8 characters long.

Players can choose between a plate viewpoint and a car view on the screen to make sure they like their license plate. When you’re done with the plate, click “Next.”


The iFruit app has been taken off of both the Google Play Store as well as the App Store by Rockstar.

So, people who don’t have the app on their phones won’t be able to get a special plate by using the way mentioned above. It also might not work for people who have previously installed the app on their phones.

From there, an option will appear asking the player to choose which car the license plate should be put on. Choose a car from the list. After choosing, make sure to load into a GTA game, which is what the bottom of the display tells you to do.

Make Sure You Are In A GTA Session Before Going On:

Make sure you’re in a GTA session before going on, and then click “Place Your Order.” Now, players just need to drive to Los Santos Customs, where they can change the license plate.

While the car is in the shop, changes can be chosen for it. Scroll down until you see “License Plate,” and the one you made should pop up, available to be put on the car.


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