April 2023 Codes For Descenders

April 2023 Codes For Descenders:

Descenders is a fast-paced game about biking downhill where you are in charge. If you don’t pay attention and take the right steps around every turn, rise, and drop, the ride is over.

among the greatest aspects regarding the game is that you can unlock a lot of different skins to make your horse look as different as possible. This piece tells you about all of the Descenders codes, so you can get additional outfits to use in the woods.

In a game based on extreme downhill freeriding, you can dive into a universe of extreme bikes.

In this game full of risky moves and racing on the edge of your seat, players are looking for the best codes for makeup to show off their personal preferences or support for their favorite teams. You can do that with our list of Descenders codes below.

Utilizing Descenders codes is an inexpensive and simple method to get free items for use in the game.

The writers release new codes all the time, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why we made this code wiki. You can add this to your bookmarks by pressing CTRL+D on your computer, and you can check the list every day for changes.

List Of Codes:

Code Rewards Active/Expired
ADMIRALCREEP Unlocks the AdmiralBulldog Jersey Active
DRAE Unlocks the Draegast Jersey Active
YEAHTHEBOYS Unlocks the Jackhuddo Jersey Active
SPEEDISKEY Unlocks the Jacksepticeye Jersey Active
MANFIST Unlocks the MANvsGAME Jersey Active
NLSS Unlocks the NLSS Jersey Active
SMILE Unlocks the RockLeeSmile Jersey Active
SODAG Unlocks the Sodapoppin Jersey Active
LOVE Unlocks the Flag Heart Active
SLASH Unlocks the Discord Bike Active
BUGGS Unlocks the Bay Area Buggs Jersey Active
FIREKITTEN Unlocks the Firekitten Jersey Active
SOMETHINGRAD Unlocks the Something Rad Jersey Active
SPOOPY Unlocks the Skeleton Jersey and the Skeleton Pants Active
CIVRYAN Unlocks the CivRyan Jersey Active
TEAMRAZER Unlocks the TeamRazer Jersey and the TeamRazer Shorts Active
TOASTY Unlocks the Toasty Ghost Jersey Active
FUNHAUS Unlocks the Funhaus Jersey Active
TABOR Unlocks the Sam Tabor Gaming Jersey Active
WARCHILD Unlocks the War Child Jersey and War Child Pants Active
NATIONS Multiple nation sets Active
PRIDE 13 Flags Active
SPE Spe set Active
DOGTORQUE Dogtorque set Active
KINGKRAUTZ Kingkrautz set Active
HIGHVOLTAGE High Voltage Set Active
STABLE Training Set Active

How To Cash In A Code:

Follow the instructions below to get free prizes in the game when you enter codes.

  1. Launch Descenders
  2. Bring up the menu of settings.
  3. Click the button that says “Redeem.”
  4. Enter the code you’d like to use.
  5. When you confirm the code, you’ll be able to get the prize.

My Codes Don’t Seem To Work:

Most codes in Descenders don’t have a date when they will stop working. So, the most likely reason a code doesn’t work is that it was entered wrong. To avoid this usual problem, copy the code from our list above and put it into the text box instead of typing it in by hand.

What Are Descender Codes?

Descenders was a game where you race against other people in short rounds. It doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on in-game tools or money like a lot of other games do.

So, in Descenders, codes only let you get special items so you can show off your style while you beat the other players.

About The Game:

Descenders is a freeride downhill game where you can challenge other players to feel the energy and excitement of the one of the most dangerous sports.

In the game, your goal is to show how good you are at extreme riding by completing the hardest course possible and becoming a famous Descender.


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