How To Get A Stun Gun Taser In GTA Online

How To Get A Stun Gun Taser In GTA Online:

Tasers were used by players who wanted to stay quiet during the Diamond Casino Heist mission in GTA Online. Since then, they have been waiting to get their hands on the Taser gun, which they could buy after the Contract update.

Many GTA Online players will want to collect all the weapons and have a full Armory. You can use these tools to protect yourself from fights with other individuals or enemies within the game at any time.

In GTA, some guns will be better for tasks than others. Players are going to want to obtain their hands on powerful weapons that can kill their opponents.

Within GTA 5 as well as GTA Online, the stun gun serves as one among the least useful weapons. In story mode, the gun can be reloaded in up to four seconds, but in GTA Online, it can take up to 12 seconds. Here’s what Rockstar Games says about it officially:

Initial of all, the only thing players need to do to get to the content is start up their game with The Contract DLC for GTA Online installed. This update adds a lot of new security tasks, buildings, cars, guns, and other things. It takes up about 4GB on all game systems.

Not only that, but the deal includes places like the F. Clinton & Partner agency, that’s a key part of getting the stun gun.

How To Get Guns In GTA Online:

Nearly every weapon within GTA Online can be obtained by RP, a rank-based system that moves up as players finish jobs, heists, and races. But most gamers will find out quickly after playing for a while that not all guns are spread out in the same way.

This is because getting some guns in games, such as the Red Dead Redemption 2 handgun in GTA Online, requires the player to meet a certain condition. In the same way, players are going to have to do a few things to get the stun gun.

How To Purchase A Taser Stun Gun:

Players are tempted to go to an Ammunation store because there are a lot of them throughout the GTA Online map. However, this weapon can’t be bought where other guns are.

Some tasers are easier to get than the stun gun taser. Players are going to have to own a company that also includes an Armory. If a player currently controls an agency, though, they can add an Armory to it for only $400,000. Dynasty8 Executive is where you can buy an agency.

Once a player has an armoury, they should go to the top floor of the agency, where there is a room with weapons as well as ammo on the walls, identical to the gun shop.

Here, players will be able to change their loadout, but to buy guns at a price, they must speak to the man sitting at a PC.

When you look at the list of weapons you can buy, the stun gun costs $326250 GTA. This is the sole location that you can buy the weapon. In GTA, that’s how you get the stun gun.

Players can now tase enemies or teammates after buying a stun gun. Players must be pretty close to the person they desire to tag, though.

There is additionally a rate at which it can be fired again, so keep that in mind as well. This is a tool that players can use to fool around with their friends or rivals without killing them.

How To Use:

The taser acts as a gun, so it isn’t a tool for close combat. You will discover it in your collection of guns. It shoots a ball that stuns anyone it hits.

It doesn’t have regular ammunition; instead, it needs to be charged between shots. If you fire, you’ll have to wait a particular length of time before you are able to shoot again.

When someone gets hit with a taser, they fall down and shake for a short time. It won’t do much damage on its own, but you can use it with another weapon to lock down a subject and then kill them.

Our GTA Online taser tutorial is over. Check out this frozen money glitch within GTA Online to learn more about the game.


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