In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish Gemimik Shrine

In Tears Of The Kingdom, Here’s How To Finish Gemimik Shrine:

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to know how to finish the Gemimik Shrine? Tears of the Kingdom offers a game with a lot of different things to do, so everyone can find something they like.

And if you’d like to use different ways to solve puzzles, you have to find all the sites. These shrines are all over the world, and some of them have hard fights or fun tasks. So, keep reading to find out how to finish Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Turbine Power.

Gemimik Shrine is a shrine in the Akkala Highlands area of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If the circular shape of Rist Peninsula on the map wasn’t enough to get your attention, the fact that Tears of the Kingdom’s Gemimik Shrine exists might.

During the Turbine Power puzzle, it can be dangerous to play with fire and fast-spinning turbines. This Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide will teach you how to set things on fire in a safe way.

When players enter this shrine, they will find a bunch of new features, like flying lights, a yellow power source, and a piece of metal on the floor.

The only thing stopping you from reaching the conclusion of this shrine to obtain a different Light of Blessing is this puzzle.

Gemimik Shrine Location:

On the map, the Gemimik Shrine is in an interesting place. It is in the area of Akkala, in the middle of the circle that goes northeast. Its exact location is 4513, 2116, 0001.

The best way to get there safely is from the direction of the south, where the circle links to the shore. This way, you won’t have to swim throughout any of the holes, which are surprisingly big and hard on your energy.

If you are interested in a swim, you might want to bring some food or elixirs that give you more energy if you haven’t done much to improve your stamina bar. On your approach, keep a look out for Aerocuda, Lizalfos, as well as Octoroks.

Gemimik Shrine How To Solve It:

To solve this TOK game, you have to light all of the flying lanterns. Even though it’s easier to say than to do, the steps below will help you finish Gemimik Shrine.

First, use your ultra-hand to grab the fan on the right. Then, put the fan on the stand and connect it to the center rotor.

Now once the fan is set up, turn it on to get it going. On the left side of the piece is a metal plate. Grab it with your Ultra-hand as well as drop it close to the yellow power source to connect it with the fan engine.

Now that the fan is turning, use the wind gust to your advantage. On the right floor is a Tears of the Kingdom loot box that contains a level fifty Zonaite Shield. Then, a number of flame sources on the left stage will help you solve this problem.

Grab one of the flame emitters with Ultra-hand as well as drop it onto the floor below. Next, go to the bottom floor, take the flame generator again, and connect it to one of the fan’s wings in order to make it spin. This will make the torches light up, and the walls around the last figure will open.

Gemimik Shrine’s Second Problem Answer:

Go back to the updraft before proceeding to the platform with the flamethrower. Drop one of the flame throwers to the soil below by using Ultrahand. This puzzle is easier if you use the one that is already on, but be careful not getting hit by the flame while you set things up.

Drop down and unhook the metal plate to stop the rotor from spinning. Attach the flame thrower to the vent so that it is facing the poles around it. If the flame thrower isn’t already on, hit it to turn it on.

Now, turn on the power again. The flames are going to spin within a wide circle, quickly turning on all the lights. Make sure you don’t get hit The door to the escape will finally open, letting you get the Light of Blessing.


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