How To Get A New Horse In The Witcher 3

How To Get A New Horse In The Witcher 3:

When you travel over the harsh and mediaeval landscapes in The Witcher 3, your horse is the only friend you will have. These are your sole mode of transportation, and they assist you carry all of the stuff that you have acquired on your adventure, including animal trophies that you have obtained through hunts and contracts.

As a consequence of this, the use of horses is an essential component of the overall gaming experience. Although though the brown horse you ride will accompany you for the whole of your adventure, there are a few methods in which you might get a new mount. The following is a guide on how to get a good horse in The Witcher 3:

Horses are more than simply gorgeous creatures in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; they serve an important function both as beasts of burden and as mode of transportation. By travelling across the Northern Realms on a trustworthy steed, not only will you have an easier and quicker time of it, but you will also be able to enhance the capacity of your inventory & bring more stuff with you.

The free next-generation patch for The Witcher 3 is now out, and it delivers an awful lot to the game in the form of drastically better visuals, improved game-play, extra content, and bug fixes. All of this is available right now. Nevertheless, the patch notes do not reflect the most significant change that was implemented.

Where One May Look For A Fresh Horse:

Since there is no horse stable in The Witcher 3 and hence no way to purchase or trade horses, the brown mare that you started the game with will remain the horse that you ride throughout the whole game. But, there is one option to get a new horse in the game that will be there forever, and that is at the conclusion of the primary plot.

It is up to you whether or not you take Ciri to Emperor Emhyr during the mission titled “Blood on the Battlefield.” You will get money from Emhyr as a reward for bringing Ciri. If you turn down the cash, he will instead give you a brand new Nilfgaardian steed in black.

After that, anytime you call your horse, the black stallion would come instead of the brown mare. This will continue for as long as you keep calling your horse. In addition, Geralt will refer to it as Roach, which is a moniker he gives to all of his horses.

You Can Tame Horses With Axii:

Taming wild horses using Axii signals is yet another method that might be used to get a new horse. You will be able to accomplish this goal if you search the game’s many locations for free-roaming ponies.

If you come across a horse out in the wild and use the Axii sign on it, you will be able to mount it and ride it if it is still running. It will also react to the orders that you give it. With the Axii sign, it is also possible to tame a whole herd of wild horses all at once.

The unfortunate reality is that as soon as you dismount it and leave it alone for some time, the power of the Axii sign would wear out, and it will revert back to its natural state. Thus, wild horses are impossible to permanently tame.


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