After The Conclusion Of Destiny 2: Season Of The Seraph, The Traveler Is Ready To Safeguard Earth

After The Conclusion Of Destiny 2: Season Of The Seraph, The Traveler Is Ready To Safeguard Earth:

The Season of the Seraph conclusion of Destiny 2 was a mind-blowing, pulse-pounding event for any Destiny 2 player involved in the game’s plot. Eramis carried out her plan she armed Rasputin’s Warsats, pointed them at The Traveler, & fired. Luckily, the effort put in by players over the season to provide Rasputin with a method to stop the Warsats paid off, but not before The Traveler departed The Tower, its seat since the Destiny 1 Alpha days, and flew into Earth’s orbit. Although it may seem that the huge ball attempted to leave the Guardians, as it has many previous civilizations, we think it is protecting us instead.

Season of the Seraph has centered on the War-mind Rasputin, a significant entity in Destiny’s backstory who has played a larger part in the plot than ever before. Bungie released a new quest to cap off not just Season of the Seraph, but Rasputin’s involvement in the plot that dates back to the initial Destiny.

A Question Of Opinion:

There’s a lot to absorb in the Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph closing video. For example, it was revealed that Eramis has been collaborating with The Witness, the main antagonist of the forthcoming expansion Light-fall.

Bungie also seems to want to emphasize that everyone in the Tower thinks The Traveler intended to run and avoid its impending doom. This is reinforced in the post-cut-scene chats you might have with different Characters.

Ultimately, The Witness seems to believe it understands The Traveler’s aims. “Why doesn’t it flee?” Eramis inquires. “Because it has nowhere else to run,” the Witness responds.The sequence is designed to make you feel betrayed, abandoned, & furious with The Traveler for wishing to go to a new world where its foes can’t find it.

But, there’s additional proof in this film in the lead-up to Lightfall that The Traveler was doing the opposite of hiding and running. If you look closely, you can see that this machine god was really protecting the last humans in the cosmos who serve it.

The Traveler, in our opinion, perceived danger as the Warsats took aim & went closer to its adversary. It did this to safeguard The Tower, The Last City, as well as a vast chunk of Earth from the fallout if it had been blasted to bits.

It can take strikes, perish, and be blasted to smithereens in space, but it won’t harm anybody else in the process. Consider the enormity of The Traveler fragments that previously scattered Earth, as well as the destruction that would result if more of them were strewn over the world.

Any debris that fell to Earth would very certainly burn up in the atmosphere. In this view, The Traveler’s actions were admirable. It was going to sacrifice itself so that the Guardians could combat the imminent danger posed by The Witness.

If you look attentively at the footage, you could see Eramis pause before activating the Warsat shooting squad. Even though The Witness is peering down at her on a monitor, she glances behind her to the door.

Some part of her knew this was terrible, but The Witness had taken advantage of the very genuine anguish she still felt from The Traveler abandoning her people so long ago. Eramis was proven incorrect by this act of resistance.

More than that, it demonstrated to her that she needed to modify her ways & trust it since it had interrupted the cycle of sorrow that had lead her to where she is now.

Leaving a Legacy:

You can’t deny the facts, even if you disagree with our reading of the video above. Since mankind found the Traveler, it has served as a guardian. When confronted with the first Collapse, it did not attempt to flee or hide, instead, it shattered itself to make Ghosts.

Guardians were made by these machines, and although they may be an autoimmune response against an incomprehensibly sophisticated machine, they are basically The Traveler’s offspring. If The Traveler was going to depart, it would have happened long before we became Guardians.

We’ve seen The Traveler repeatedly show throughout Destiny 2’s plot that it wants to protect us rather than abandon us. When Ghaul imprisoned it and took its Light, it cracked its shell. Whatever has happened, it has remained a constant in the sky.

Yet it was a cowardly stance, half-hidden by Earth’s atmosphere. The Traveler, in its current location, is vulnerable to any threat before reaching Earth. Everyone in The Tower has been working tirelessly to discover solutions to safeguard The Traveler and Earth before an impending danger destroys them.

The tables have been turned, as Well as the Traveler is now a shield that would allow us to take down The Eyewitness.

Everything has a cost:

The Traveler does not appear very frequently. In reality, the number of times it has been exposed that it is listening may be counted on a few fingers. This is a decision, however, made to keep itself concealed from the universe’s deepest evils.

As it escaped from Ghaul’s cage, it knew there would be repercussions. It anticipated the need to battle, so it healed itself. It recognises that Earth needs assistance and is repositioning itself to be a guardian. Yet it also recognised the need for assistance, which is why it created the Guardians.

The Witness may seem to be assured that whatever fight we conduct against it will be won. But this is incorrect. The Traveler is leaving because it has nowhere else to go. Just the contrary. It’s exactly where it wants to be, trapped between an unknown force of evil and the purest manifestation of its own strength, Light.

Sadly, The Traveler’s new status and disobedience will very certainly cost it dearly. It wouldn’t migrate into space if it wasn’t the optimum long-term location for it. It must have realized that if the Warsats didn’t kill it, the looming conflict with dark powers would. We have no clue what The Witness intends to do with The Traveler, which is scary.

It may enslave it, rip it apart for scrap and components, or torment it. The name of the forthcoming expansion, Light-fall, does not quite ring true for creatures of Light.

The Traveler Has Many Aliases:

The Traveler has many aliases, including Machine God. Its goals and reasoning processes, like those of a deity, remain unknowable. We’d even go so far as to say they’re incomprehensible. The enormous white ball has the ability to perceive and think over space and time in ways we cannot comprehend.

Everything it does serves a purpose, and its major move at the conclusion of this season was to stay out of trouble. It was to finally leap into the fray with Guardians and flash a light so brilliant that the forces of Evil had nowhere to hide. The Traveler is on the attack, and it is our adversaries who should be concerned, not us.


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