How To Fix The Durability Of Your Weapons In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Fix The Durability Of Your Weapons In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Most people agree that the Switch-era Zelda games have modern wonders, but even the most dedicated fans of the series disagree on one major point.

Many people think that the fact that most swords, shields, and guns break after a certain period of use makes the game less fun. The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom does something to fix this problem, which is good news.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the longevity of weapons is back, and because of the rotted weapons problem, weapons break more quickly than ever before. Shields and bows also break after little use, so it’s important to understand how this system works.

Still, there are a few ways to make your weapons last longer. Your Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Fuse skill is the star of the show. It lets you combine the base strength of your weapon with the extra durability of a monster part, collected item, Zonai device, or other item.

Here’s everything you must know about how weapons break within Tears of the Kingdom, such as one you’ll want to get a grip on as soon as possible.

There aren’t many things in TotK that are as taxing as the “Your Weapon was badly damaged” message with a pulsating red edge that keeps telling players that their weapon is only a few hits from Valhalla. But this simple mechanism can put an end to these worries.

Does Weapon Durability Work In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, yes, weapons do get worse over time. In this game, that implies that a basic weapon without any mixed traits can be destroyed very quickly, typically in less than 20 hits.

When the weapon has taken a lot of damage and is about to break, you’ll see and hear a notice, so either put it away for later and making those last blows count.

The best way to fix low toughness is to use Fuse to mix weapons with additional weapons, monster parts, or hidden things. Even if you combine your weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to make new ones, they continue to malfunction after a while.

But since you can’t fix broken guns or even sell them for rupees, the most effective method to keep them from breaking is to use fuse.

You additionally can’t take your fusions apart, so make sure to check the “Fuse ability” figure within the top left area of the picture of the item in your collection to see how much damage every creature part or item can deal you.

There is one tool that can’t be broken, at least not twice. We have a whole other guide to help you find that Zelda Tears of the Kingdom master sword.

How To Make Weapons Last Longer:

Players require two items in order to fix this: a weapon as well as a Rock octopus. The Rock Octoroks are a species of grey Octoroks that live near Death Mountain. They take in air as well as spit out fireballs. On the map above, you can see where five Rock Octoroks are.

Here’s how to obtain the Rock Octorok to fix your bow, shield, or fighting weapon.

Look around Death Mountain for a Rock octopus. Put the item you want to fix down on the ground. If you need to move your weapon closer to the Octorok’s mouth, you can use Ultrahand.

Wait until the Octorok grabs the item. If the Octorok shines, the weapon’s toughness has been fully recovered as well as an unanticipated perk has endured added. When the item of gear comes out, you can try to avoid it or catch it.

Every Blood Moon cycle, each Rock Octorok is capable of fixing one thing. When the longevity of a weapon has been restored, defeat the Octorok as well as move on to what’s next. After the following Blood moon, the Octorok will come back and can be fixed again.

With this method, players can also reroll their weapon’s perk. But you should save the game before giving the Octorok a weapon, so you can start over if the perk isn’t up to your standards.

Where To Look For Rock Octopus:

Rock Octoroks can be found in a few places in the Eldin Mountains, but the most effective location to find one is probably the cave just north of Goron City and east of Darunia Lake.

You can also find Rock Octoroks nearby the river, just west of the Goron town, but the quarry is usually a better place to look because it is more open.

Tears of the Kingdom gamers are able to get to these places by using rapid transportation to the Marakuguc Shrine before walking from there.

Is There Anything You Can’t Do?

Some guns, like those that were bought with amiibos, can’t be fixed, which is a shame.

Also, each Octorok can only fix one item, so players will have to wait for them to return throughout a Blood Moon before they are able to employ their powers to keep weapons from breaking.

With this within mind, players might want to be careful about which things they fix. It’s also smart to save right away when you find a Rock octopus, in the case something goes incorrect.

This also gives players a chance to start over if they don’t like the odd buff that is given during the fix process.


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