How Do I Get The Lynel Bow With 5 Shots Within Tears Of The Kingdom

How Do I Get The Lynel Bow With 5 Shots Within Tears Of The Kingdom?

Fighting a Lynel during The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a challenging and serious endeavour, just as it was in Breath of the Wild.

These monstrosities that are half-human and half-horse are certainly among the most challenging foes that you will encounter during the whole of your trip through Hyrule. You won’t run across too many foes that will pursue you as relentlessly as the Lynels will.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom has a number of different bows, but the Savage Lynel bow stands out as the most powerful of the bunch.

These bows have the ability to shoot three arrows at once and do 32 or more damage with each bullet. They are carried by the dangerous horse-man-lion hybrids who inhabit Hyrule.

Why Is It Necessary For You To Have A Lynel Bow?

A standard bow and arrow may be very helpful within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom; but, upgrading to a weapon that can fire up to five arrows in rapid succession can have a significant impact on how you play the game.

You may get access to this ability by purchasing the five-shot bow, which allows you to fire five arrows in rapid succession at the expense of just one arrow from the supply you have available in your inventory.

It should go without saying that this is a significant advantage that makes combat considerably simpler at both near and long ranges.

The Location Of Lynel Bow Is:

at Tears of the Kingdom, players have to complete the Lynel Gauntlet at the Floating Coliseum under The Depths, which is located under the old Coliseum at the coordinates -0708, -1551, and -0517. This will allow them to get a bow that fires five arrows at once.

This gauntlet consists of a total of five Lynels that the gamer has to defeat in succession, with no respite or opportunities to recuperate in between each one. These represent the five different varieties of Lynels that must be defeated by the player.

Lynels with different colored manes include Red-Maned Lynel, Blue-Maned Lynel, White-Maned Lynel, and Silver-Maned Lynel. Armoured Silver-Maned Lynels also exist.

Players will need to defeat all five Lynels in order to get the five-shot bow, since it is only the Armored Silver-Maned Lynel that will drop it.

How To Fight Against The Silver-Maned Armored Lynel?

In order to defeat the Armored Silver-Maned Lynel, there are two primary measures that must be taken. To begin, you must penetrate the armor. Fight the Lynel like you normally would after that.

If Link does not use an item that can shatter rocks, such as a hammer and a Bomb Arrow, the armor will not be destroyed.

Use Fire Bomb Arrow To Break Lynels Armor:

During the battle against the Armored Silver-Maned Lynel, all I did was continuously fire Bomb Arrows at it. When I was shooting, I also made use of a triple-shot arrow to improve the precision of my shots.

Because each of the three arrows covers a greater area, you only need to strike the target with one of them for it to penetrate the armor.

How To Stun A Lynel?

As soon as the player’s armor is destroyed, they may engage the Lynel in combat as they usually would. That entails executing flawless dodging manoeuvres in preparation for flurry assaults and shooting the Lynel in the skull to stun it.

After the Lynel has been shocked, Link will be able to ride it and deliver a barrage of slashes against it. This is a very effective strategy for racking up damage inflicted on the beast.

Prepare Some Dishes Using Sun Dried Tomatoes Before Going To Floating Coliseum:

In addition to this, you should not even consider going to the Floating Coliseum until you have prepared a number of dishes using sun-dried tomatoes.

When Link ventures into The Depths, he will take damage from the Lynel, which will corrupt his hearts and need him to recover using Sunflowers.

What You Get If You Beat All Five Lynel:

If Link is successful in taking down all five of the Lynels, he will be rewarded with Majora’s Mask. One of the items that will fall off the Armoured Lynel is a bow with five arrow slots.

When battling a Lynel, it is critical that you should not get too eager or greedy instead, you should be sure to maintain your patience, and the Lynel will finally be defeated.

In addition to that, there is a chance that they will also give away a 5-Shot Lynel Bow with it. Due to the fact that it can simultaneously fire five arrows, this bow’s damage output is significantly increased.


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