How To Finish The World Quest For Fire In Genshin Impact Pale

How To Finish The World Quest For Fire In Genshin Impact Pale:

Enter into the world of Pale Fire, which was presented in Genshin Impact 3.6 as a much-anticipated world quest. In this guide, we’ll find out what’s so mysterious about the Fravashi Trees as well as what’s hidden in their old branches.

We’ll also figure out how to deal with the quest’s obstacles and find out what the benefits are. We’ll show you everything you need to know about the Pale Fire Global Quest, from how you can get started to where to find all the Fravashi Trees, unlock important things, and earn valuable prizes.

You require to locate all 10 of each of these Fravashi Trees for the ‘Pale Fire’ world mission in order to finish your collection of Plumes of Purifying Light and get all of the prizes from the Amrita Pool.

In the Genshin Impact Pale Fire task, the Fravashi Tree is said to hold pieces of the Pari’s memories that are spread out across the desert.

Helping the remaining Pari will give players a cloud of cleansing light, which they can give to the Amrita Pool. This will clean up the Pari so that they can one day go back to the Vourukasha Oasis.

How To Get Access To The Pale Fire World Quest:

You have to complete the dangerous Khvarena of the Good and the Evil Quest before you can start this hot quest. In particular, you need to move forward with the “Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha” side task.

How To Bring Back The Lost Pari:

To wake up the secret Pari in the tree, you’ll need the magic touch of Sorush, who knows everything there is to know about plants. So go to the task point on the map to locate Sorush, the master of plants. When Sorush touches the tree, it comes back to life with new energy.

Then, keep an eye out for the hard-to-find pieces of Pari that are spread around the area. When you have all of them, go back to the aroused tree and let Pari’s energy do its job.

How To Find All Udumbara:

Udumbara No. Udumbara Location
1 The first Udumbara is northeast of Teleport Waypoint, under a blue tree on a cliff face near the water.
2 This hidden gem can be found perched on a cliff, gazing down on its fellow Udumbara.
3 Teleport to north Waypoint, glide towards the cliff to find the third Udumbara
4 Glide west from the third Udumbara to uncover the following location.
5 The highest Udumbara location lies northeast cliffside of the swamp in Genshin Impact.
6 Southwest corner of Asipattravana Swamp, cliffside closer to bottom. Look for a short platform opposite this Udumbara.


All Fravashi Tree Locations:

Area How To Reach
Underground Finish the Khvarena Of Good And Evil Quest.
Asipattravana Swamp Teleport next to the Asipattravana Swamp. Make your way to the cave and climb down.
Asipattravana Swamp Go west and bring 3 Udumbara Pistils.
Asipattravana Swamp Make your way to the cave and find it near Hillichurl Camp.
Tunigi Hollow Warp southwest of Tunigi Hollow and reach the northern platform.
Tunigi Hollow Head to the cliff’s edge in the northern part of Tunigi Hollow.
Tunigi Hollow Use the waypoint and walk south to the cliff’s side.
Gate of Zulqarnain Follow the root-filled path from the underground waypoint and climb to clear the golden gate.
Gavireh Lajavar Statue of Seven Teleport to the statue and head southwest.
Gavireh Lajavar Statue of Seven Teleport to the statue, head southwest, and climb the mountaintop.

Talk to Zurvan once you’ve opened all of the trees to finish the quest. Getting to the end of the Pale Fire World Mission is an exciting and gratifying journey.

After you finish the quest and wake up all the Fravashi Trees, you will get 350 Adventure EXP to help you level up as an adventurer, 40 Primogems to be used in the gacha system,

3 Hero’s Wit to improve your character, 6 Mystic Enhancement Ore to improve your weapons, and a large amount of 30,000 Mora to add to your in-game money.


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