Recipes And Clothes That Can Handle The Cold In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Recipes And Clothes That Can Handle The Cold In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild:

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, many of the game’s features were used again, but this was the first time they were all in the same place.

One of these is elemental damage, which sneaks up on you at the beginning of the story. This guide shows you how to keep from getting damage from cold by using foods and clothes that give you protection.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you no longer need to find hearts to heal. You’ll have to cook instead to stay healthy, make elixirs, and get a lot of other perks.

All over Hyrule, you’ll find things you can put in your pouch. Select the things you want from the menu as well as fall into a pot for cooking. Now turn on the stove and see what happens.

How To Avoid Damage From Cold:

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are three ways to avoid getting hurt by cold. You may put on warm clothes and items or eat something that protects you from the cold for a short time. You can’t get all of these at the exact same time.

Getting A Better Idea With An Example:

For example, within The Great Plateau, the first part of the game, you have to cook hot peppers to make spicy fried peppers. The meal, not the raw elements, protects against cold damage for a limited amount of time.

Eventually inside┬áthe game, you may provide Link clothes that will keep him from getting hurt by the cold. We’ve put a list of all the Cold Damage Protection foods and clothes below so you can see what’s available to make the most of it.

You can also cook through establishing fire to the surroundings, but you shouldn’t anticipate to be able to make a five-star meal.

This shouldn’t be done unless you’re in a real emergency and must cook raw meat in order to get your health restored to track. You can cook from one to five things at once in a pot, and it can hold as many as sixty meals or elixirs at once.

Bonuses For Cooking Recipes, A Star Fragment, A Blood Moon, And A Dragon Part:

Aside from simple foods that can be cooked to heal, different foods and things can be used to make useful buffs. You’ll have to try out different things to find out what you may create and how it affects the Link A truffle.

Getting A Better Idea With An Example:

For example, will briefly raise the number of hearts you can have, and making a Chilly potion will make you immune to heat for a short time. When you use an item with a buff, it will have a word like Chilly, Energising, Enduring, Electro, Fireproof, Hasty, Hearty, Mighty, Sneaky, Spicy, or Tough.

You can’t put these two buffs together, so no meal is going to be both filling and spicy. But you can stack the effect of the same item, so putting two chilies in a pot to make a hot meal will help your resistance to the cold last for a while.

This Is What Each Buff Does:

  • Chilly – Resistance to heat
  • Energizing – Restores stamina
  • Enduring – Extra stamina
  • Electro – Resistance to shock
  • Fireproof – Flame Guard
  • Hasty – Increases movement speed
  • Hearty – Restores full health
  • Mighty – buffs Attack
  • Sneaky – buffs Stealth
  • Spicy – Resistance to cold
  • Tough – buffs Defense

In addition to these benefits, you might additionally detect a special sound when you cook. Whenever this happens, you’ll get a prize.

  • Extra yellow heart
  • Three extra hearts
  • Buff increase by a further 5 minutes
  • Buff increased by +1
  • Stamina increases

Keep In Mind:

You can get these bonuses for sure if you use certain things or cook at a certain time. When a Blood Moon, while the moon was red and enemies come back from the dead, cooking will provide you an unspecified bonus. You can also use a piece of a star or a dragon’s body in your recipe.

Best Cold Resistant Recipes:

Dish Name What You Need To Cook Effect
Spicy Meaty Rice Balls you need 1 Raw Meat, 1 Hylian Rice, 1 Spicy Pepper, 1 Goat Butter, and 1 Fresh Milk. 6 Heart containers worth of healing and 6 minutes and 40 seconds of Cold Resistance
Spicy Fruit and Mushroom Mix 3 Hylian Shrooms and 2 Spicy Peppers whopping 6 minutes and 30 seconds of Cold Resistance and heal 5 Heart Containers
Spicy Pepper Seafood 1 Spicy Pepper and 1 Hyrule Bass 3 Heart Containers and gives Link 3 minutes of Cold Resistance
Spicy Elixir 1 Summerwing Butterfly, 1 Warm Darner, or 1 Sizzlefin Trout with 1 Monster or Guardian Part Acc a spicy pepper will add a healing effect to the Elixir too

The Best Clothes For The Cold:

The Warm Doublet Set:

The Warm Doublet can be bought from the shop in Hateno Village or from the Old Man at a very early point in the game. For the old man to give it to you, you have to go to his shack as well as cook the dish he forgot. As you go through the game’s training, you’ll come across this place.

The dish you need to finish is made up of 1 raw meat, 1 Hyrule bass, as well as 1 hot pepper. The most effective method to obtain the Warm Doublet, which is free, is to cook.

The Snowquill Set:

The Snowquill Set consists of up of the Snowquill shirt, Snowquill pants and the Snowquill hat. All of them can be bought at a Rito Village shop for the high price of 2,150 rupees. Even though it costs a lot, it’s worth it to make it to the top of Mount Lanayru.


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