How To Finish The Colossal Fossil Of Gerudo In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish The Colossal Fossil Of Gerudo In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Strange things happen all the time in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Whether it is a cherry blossom tree, an old wreck, or a huge skeleton, there’s usually a Korok or a hidden task waiting to be found.

Surprisingly, the game causes a lot of trouble to distract you from the main mission and get you to explore the beautiful open world. Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil was the last side quest in the series of colossal fossils. Link can start this quest early on within Tears of the Kingdom.

It forces players to go to the Gerudo Desert, which is one of the worst places within all of Hyrule, as well as solve the most difficult fossil-based task ever seen in a Zelda game.

This guide shows how to finish Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil so that all players are able to reach the conclusion of this series and find out where the small leviathan fossil is.

To Finish Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil, Do The Following:

Link will get Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil when Hebra’s Colossal Fossil is finished. Players who want this quest but haven’t done the things they need to do first should go back to do them.

Link meets an NPC named Loone during this set of side quests. Loone will tell Link where he can discover the last giant fossil in Gerudo by marking it on a map.

But since Tears of the Kingdom began, sandstorms have covered the Gerudo Desert. This makes it much harder compared to the first two times to find the fossil.

How To Find Gerudo’s Big Fossil:

Link needs to go to the Gerudo Great Skeleton at -4816, -3871, 0000 on the map to find Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil. On the map, it’s in the bottom left corner.

We looked for Gerudo’s huge fossil quickly and found that Link couldn’t use the Purah Pad’s plan because of a sandstorm within the Gerudo Desert. It’s also hot enough to hurt Link.

The most effective method to discover the cave where the skeleton lives is to use a weapon that does frost damage, have Link wear clothes that can withstand heat, and give them food which can withstand heat.

When within the sandstorm, players may use the storms they see to make Link fly up into the air with his paraglider and change their direction. This is very important if you want to find the cave.

When Link gets to the cave, the player can talk to Loone to find out what they must do to proceed. She needs to see the huge Leviathan fossil afterwards to the small one that came from it.

The body and tail of the baby leviathan’s remains are missing, which is sad. Link has to find these pieces in the cave so he can put the fossils back together. They are very hard to find, but we’ll tell you where to look below.

Where To Find The Tailbone Of The Leviathan Baby:

The tailbone of the baby leviathan lies to the left of the tailbone of the mother. It’s buried according to a pile of sand as well as dust, and Link can just barely see it.

To get the buttock out, Link needs to employ his Ultra-hand to shift the nearby fan device surrounding so it can blow away the dust while it is running. Link can then move the baby leviathan’s tailbone back to its head, where it will be ready to be put together later.

Where To Find The Body Of The Leviathan Baby:

The body of the baby leviathan occupies some rocks above the body of the mother. Link has to shoot explosive arrows up at the solid object to get the body out of it so he can get to it.

To help with this, there are bomb flowers all over the cave. It took ourselves a couple of shots in order for the body to fall, but we kept shooting to break free any valuable rocks or gems we might need later.

During this side quest, it’s worth your time to farm the things in this cave. Link can drop down to the baby leviathan’s body and then use Ultra-hand to move it to the rest of the bones.

How To Put Together The Skeleton Of The Baby Leviathan:

Link needs to use Ultra-hand to connect the head to the front of the body in order to rebuild the baby leviathan’s bones. From the position of the fin, it’s easy to tell where this is.

As a point of reference, the baby leviathan’s single fin should be on the left side of its body.

This is where the head goes. The tailbone then goes on the back of the body and connects the biggest part to the body itself. As the tail moves away from the body, it should get shorter.

Link can finish the Gerudo’s Colossal Fossil side mission when he talks to Loone after putting the body back together. She’ll thank Link for his hard work and give him 50 rupees as a gift.

Bad News, Link Could Not Obtain Any Secret Fossil Armor Form This Mission:

We were crushed when we found out that Link couldn’t get any secret fossil armor from this questline.

But now that the secondary goal is done, Link could take the fossil of the baby leviathan out of the cave to utilize it to make any kind of car they want. Some people have made it into a boat, which appears to be the best thing to do.


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