How To Find And Use A Talus Heart In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find And Use A Talus Heart In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within the Legend of Zelda games, the Talus is a common enemy, as well as Tears of the Kingdom returns them back in style. Whether it’s the Battle Talus and it’s Bokoblin friends as well as the simple yet dangerous Stone Talus, these foes carry quite a punch.

Monsters called Stone Talus make an appearance in The Legend of Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom have powerful, tanky monsters that are capable of killing you. So, you ought to be constantly careful when you get close to them.

From the Stone Talus, you may obtain Flint, Amber, Opal, Ruby, as well as Luminous Stones. Stone Talus is easiest to kill by striking the blue stone on his back. Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, here is how and where to locate the Luminous Stone Talus Heart.

In The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, players must stop a Stone Talus and damage the weak spot on top of it to bring it down. When it does, it bursts into a variety of gems and stones.

The Stone Talus’ Heart can also be found among these gems as well as stones. When you kill them, they will drop something called a Talus Heart.

It’s a huge heart that looks like a rock. It was probably the core of this creature, which also has a specific use within the game. This guide tells you where to find Talus Hearts and how to use them in the game The Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Locate Talus Hearts:

Fighting the different Talus enemies within Tears of the Kingdom is the sole means to find Talus Hearts. They can show up on the surface, yet you’re more likely to find them in caves as you explore Hyrule.

Keep your eyes out for the tiny blue beasts if you’re ever seeking a cave. They always go to the mouth of the cave before going away.

When a talus shows up, the only way to deal with it is to fight. It will be a tough fight, and you’ll have to find a way to avoid the rocks and big AoE hits that this rock monster throws at you all the time. This is a normal attack it uses within Tears of the Kingdom.

The most effective method to do this is to locate some space and shoot an arrow at the rock deposit sticking towards of the thing. This is a weak spot, and hitting it will temporarily stop the thing, letting you climb up it.

After getting on top of the thing, use any hard item to break up the rock pile. This is how most digging is done within Tears of the Kingdom. But this won’t last forever. The Talus will finally push you off, and you’ll have to start over.

How To Utilize A Heart Made Of Stone Talus:

Once Talus has been beaten and the heart is open to the player, Ultra-hand and Fuse can be used on the heart. Ultra-hand is able to move the heart and connect it to other things, but joining it will give players a lot more to get out of it.

When you combine the heart with a one-handed weapon, you get a one-handed club. When you combine the heart with a two-handed weapon, you get a bigger hammer.

How To Make Stone Talus Sledge?

If you put the heart on a spear, you can make a Stone Talus Sledge. This weapon can hit faster than the other two, but it only hits a smaller area.

The Stone Talus Heart can be used to make some very powerful weapons that are also great for digging and can even be used to fight other Talus because they are bludgeoning weapons.

With the Recall trick, players are able to stop and destroy Stone Talus and get the hearts they need to make these arms whenever they want. All enemy types, including Stone Talus, will come back after a Blood Moon so that players can get more of the items they need.

How To Beat The Stone Talus:

Like with another Talus, you need a bow as well as a few shots to do well. We tried bombs and other things that could be thrown, but that was an instantaneous means to lose the game.

Before you go in, make sure that you have a good number of arrows. At the beginning, jump on the highest of the Talus’s head as soon as it gets up.

You Have 12 Hits Before You Have To Run Or Glide Off From Its Back:

It’s an excellent method to “cheat” this boss’s first big chunk of damage. If you are using a one-handed weapon, you have precisely twelve hits before you have to run as well as glide off its back.

If you stick around, it will toss you off its back, which will cost you a quarter of a heart. This might not seem like a lot, but if you’ve got five hearts or less, it’s important.

Hit The Bright Blue Rock Upon Its Back:

Sprint away, dodging whatever it throws at you, then turn around and shoot the bright blue rock upon its back.

Get prepared for another mad dash, yet be careful. If you jump the gun and its head hits you when it hits the ground, you could lose more than four hearts if you’re wearing low-level armor.

Again, run fast, jump high, and climb on top of it. If you’ve seen the Battle Talus fight, you know that this Talus stands higher than its cousin, so be quick. Again, you have 12 chances. depending on your weapon, you might have to do this once or twice more before another one dies.


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