How To Finish The Add-On A Friend In The Dark Of Burning Shores In Horizon

How To Finish The Add-On A Friend In The Dark Of Burning Shores In Horizon:

Some of the best side missions offered by the Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC is called “A Friend in the Dark.” It starts as soon as you clear out a treasure wreck.

We suggest playing it all the way through because it lets you hang out with a few of Aloy’s friends who wasn’t within the base game. This walkthrough shows you how to finish A Friend in the Dark so you don’t get stuck on a puzzle or door code.

Burning Shores adds a trio new side quests to Horizon: Forbidden West. One of them, “A Friend in the Dark,” gives players a famous weapon.

Horizon: Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC update adds a brand-new primary story mission and a few new side quests. In A Friend in the Dark, one of these side quests, Aloy meets along with an old friend from the Frozen Wilds. It’s a short, fun, and rewarding meeting.

How To Begin A Conversation With A Stranger:

You need to finish Relic Ruins before you can start A Friend in the Dark: A Hollow Voice The remains of the relics can be found at the place shown on the map above.

If you figure out the problem there, you’ll be able to open a door. Gildun, a major NPC from the Frozen Wilds DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West, is hiding behind that door.

Your first job is to go down the hole where Gildun was stuck before you let him out. Scan the data point on your way down to get the code for the door you’ll need later.

In the data point, you meet Ron, a fighter whose group left him behind when they got the order to evacuate. He sent out a signal for anyone else who was still living and wanted to avoid dying alone to come to his position.

How Do I Get In Through The First Door?

For A Friend in the Dark, the initial door code you need is 117. This is Ron’s birthday, and utilizing the code will let you into the primary puzzle room for this quest.

The Horizon: Forbidden West DLC game room has a few levels that you have to work through. The first thing you’ll have to do is ask Gildun to assist with helping you shift the train cart.

This will show you a box that you may move within the room. You can grab it and either pull or push it, or you may employ the pullcaster to move it.

Get the box to the top of the nearby hill so Aloy can jump up to the rising point above. Check out the area and use the hanging climbing points on the other side of the room to get to the other side.

This will lead Aloy to a wheel that handles the red lift and can be turned by Aloy. Gildun should run into the lift after trying it out so you can take him to the next level.

Once he’s standing, go back around to the other side so you can both push the train cart forward. Then, you have to go down to the floor below to pull the box into the lift.

This will make Gildun climb over to the opposite side of the room and help you receive the box up to the first floor. Gildun will take care of the rest if you move the box inside.

You Can Climb Up Using The Box:

Use the box on the first level to get on the train car and get to the next floor. You can get the Horizon Forbidden West DLC Key Module if you destroy the Firegleam.

But right at this moment, lots of machines break in and make life very hard. They aren’t very strong, but there are quite a lot of them in their final days as well as it’s hard to fight them in this small space.

When all the machines are dead, bring the box back down to the ground floor as well as put it back on the ramp. Jump out and use the key module to open the door. To get inside, you’ll need another code.

How To Get Other Things:

Players should check out all of the rooms that lead off of the main cave. Many of them have Brimshine, which is used to buy and improve some of the best guns in the addition.

How Do I Get in Through The Second Door?

A Friend in the Dark’s second door code is 1247. One of Ron’s data points in the puzzle room has this code. He says that the bunker has a huge number of tins, and the numbers he gives are the code for the door.

When you go through the door, you will discover another Horizon: Forbidden West DLC data point that shows Ron wasn’t alone in the end. It’s a nice story that you ought to take the time to read it all of.

Should Aloy Tell Gildun How Olvar Really Is?

You require to open the close vent as well as crawl through it to finish the quest. Aloy will find Gildun’s friend, who forced him into the sea and may have stolen his valuable looking glass.

But it’s not all bad. You can choose to keep Gildun’s memory of his friend alive, which is possibly the only good thing that can happen in this quest.

Gildun seems down on himself, but Aloy cheers him up by telling him that she’s his friend, and she even gives him a Focus. We can expect to see more of Gildun in the third installment in the series because of this.

What Do You Get?

You’ll get the final Argument Spike Thrower as a bonus prize. This is a pretty good tool that the Horizon Forbidden West DLC adds, but it’s not the greatest Spike Thrower you can get.


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