How To Finish Horizon Forbidden West’s Relic Ruins Murmuring Hollow

How To Finish Horizon Forbidden West’s Relic Ruins Murmuring Hollow:

In the Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, as you explore the new area, you’ll finally find a new Relic Ruin.

These puzzle-filled spots are tucked away in the Forbidden West, but they aren’t common in the expansion and are well worth exploring. This guide tells you where to look for Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow as well as how to finish it when you find it.

Horizon: Forbidden West’s DLC, The Burning Shores, has special tasks called Relic Ruins, which are also in the main game. Even though it only has one, handling the Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins may be just as fun as doing any of the others.

As usual, doing this will give players a special ornament, which they can then take to Stemmur within Hidden Ember to see a special light show.

This article will help you get through the “Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruin” in the Burning Shores DLC of Horizon: Forbidden West. There are three new side quests that come with the Burning Shores DLC.

How To Find The Relic Ruins In Murmuring Hollow:

You will discover the Relic Ruin in Murmuring Hollow, which is east of Fleet’s End and not too far from the Slaughter Spine spot. See the Horizon Forbidden West DLC map link above to find the exact spot.

You can get to it from either the top or the bottom of the broken building in this area. Both will lead you inside, however we suggest going up first.

Walkthrough For Relic Ruins Murmuring Hollow:

Call your sunwing as you get close to Relic Ruins: Murmuring Hollow as well as fly to the highest point of the building. You can use the top as a perch, and your Sunwing may tear off a vent cover to let you inside.

Drop down into the building as well as climb up the open lift shaft to the room at the top. Here is a piece of info with a number that you’ll need later.

Next, go to the bottom of the lift shaft. It’s a good idea to stop at each open door and open the boxes to get the Horizon: Forbidden West DLC loot, but it’s not necessary.

Here are two train cars that have been put in your way on purpose. You are able to see the key piece you need, but you can’t get to it. You’ll additionally possess the code via the above data point, but you can’t get to the door it unlocks.

Lastly, you may hear someone behind the door nearby. For now, pry open the train car’s door and climb down to the ground at the bottom of the building above you.

Find the flames close by. You can get down to the other side of the train car from a place just behind it. When you get there, unlock another train car with a crowbar and pull the button.

This will move it forward and let you approach the power cell on the opposite side. Take the power cell to the other train car you can now reach and pull the switch inside it. Now that you almost died from falling, you ought to be able to get through the door that was blocking.

How To Get The Code For The Door To The Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins:

The Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins are right in the middle of the Burning Shores map, northeast of Fleet’s End. Flying on Aloy’s Sunwing, players should get close and look for a rooftop with a perch as well as a blue metal clamp.

If you press Triangle while near this clamp, the Sunwing will tear it open, letting you into the room below. Then, players can go up the nearby shaft as well as scan the purple data point. This will show them that the door code for the Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins is 1315.

What’s Your Prize?

Your gift is another Horizon: Forbidden West DLC ornament that you may employ in the Sea of Sands to alter the holograms that appear in the sky. But the real reason to finish this relic wreck is behind a different door.

Get The Key As Well As Save Your New Buddy:

Players can open the door to the object room by going back and taking the energy cell from the train car they just moved. On the opposite side, they will find a key module that may be utilized for unlocking a door nearby.

This will bring Aloy and Gildun back together and start the quest A Friend on the Dark Side. It’s not too hard, and players who finish it will get a famous spike thrower named the Last Argument.


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