How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s Mayachideg Shrine

How To Finish Tears Of The Kingdom’s Mayachideg Shrine:

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is played in the same open-world journey way as Breath of the Wild. So, when players look around Hyrule to find Zelda, they will always find something new.

Shrines have come back, and so have Korok Seeds. Shrines are like small, quick dungeons. Within Tears of the Kingdom, you have to find and finish more than 150 shrines. Players will want to finish as many sites as they can because it is one way to get more life and energy.

Some are simple to find, but others are secret and hard to find. An excellent instance of a secret shrine is the Mayausiy Shrine. This guide will tell you how to find and finish the Mayausiy Shrine.

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link will climb mountains, run through fields, and fight all kinds of enemies with his sword. Plus, saving the country over and over again must make his shoulders feel pretty heavy.

We can say for sure that the guy needs a break. Mayachideg Shrine makes players do what they want let Link sit back and do nothing while another person does his job. Still, it won’t be easy to find someone to replace Hyrule’s best fighter.

Where Is The Mayachideg Shrine?

Mayachideg Shrine was a Proving Grounds shrine within the northern region of Hyrule. It is on top of a rock west of Lake Akkala, in the area called the Proving Grounds.

The best way to get to the Mayachideg Shrine is by going to the Skyview Tower and fly southwest. The shrine is nearby the South Akkala Stable in the Eldin Canyon area.

Keep In Mind That You Will Lose All Your Gear When You Reach At Shrine:

When you reach the shrine, you will lose all of your gear, guns, and other things. But you can still choose Ultra-hand. Attach Zonai devices that do damage to the Homing Carts that are all over the shrine to beat it.

Then let the robots take care of the dirty work. Link can finish Mayachideg Shrine without ever killing an enemy. But you have to use the new Tears of the Kingdom tools to do it.

Use The Ultra-hand In Order To Grab Sharp Stuff:

When you enter the shrine, use Ultra-hand to grasp the sharp thing in the room. Attach it to one or both of the Homing Carts and dispatch it to fight the Construct Soldier ahead. Make a second robot with spikes to help you in fight while this one is doing its job.

The Construct will be busy, so walk past it, grab the bow, and stay in the northwest area of the room. Then, use Ultra-hand to move the robots with spikes to the room ahead and wait while they kill the Construct Soldiers there.

Sneak via the room without being seen until you reach the next ramp on the right. This is the most effective way to creep up on the Soldier Construct on the top level.

Once you’ve killed it with your weak firearms, use Ultra-hand to grab the nearby gun as well as drop it on the lone platform for the left.

Make another damaging robot out of the things on the platform. When you’re ready to fight, use Ultra-hand to grab the object and drop it nearby the Construct Forces.

Robots With Gun Is More Powerful Than Robots With Spikes:

This robot with a gun is much powerful than the ones with spikes, but it will still take a long time for the Construct life bar to run out. Would you like one more craft that can kill?

Another Homing Cart with a beam of lasers is waiting near the end of the room. Join these two things together, and then drop your soldier close to the building crew. Now you can relax and let the army of robots do their job.

Once all the building forces have been destroyed, the shrine will give you back your items. Go to the last room to get a box with a long-throwing level fifty-three Captain IV spear.

Where Mayausiy Shrine Is:

Inside the Forgotten Temple, the Mayausiy Shrine hides deep in the temple. The Mayausiy Shrine’s exact locations are -1165, 2602, as well as -0083. The Forgotten Temple is home to several packs of Bokoblins, so players should be ready to fight.

It is a good idea to stock up on guns and bullets. The shrine is in the last room of the Forgotten Temple, right before the big broken pillar.


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