Why Does Pokémon Go Have Confetti Falling?

Why Does Pokémon Go Have Confetti Falling?

Trainers, Niantic, as well as Pokemon Go are enjoying the end of the Festival of Lights and the victory across darkness by throwing red, blue, and yellow fireworks into the air.

Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, who were in charge of Team Go Rocket, and Giovanni, who was in charge of Team Go Rocket, attempted to take across the Pokémon Go world again.

They started showing up with new Shadow Pokémon as well as fresh Shadow Legendary Pokémon, set on to take over all Pokémon.

Niantic adds special events to Pokemon Go all the time to keep it interesting for players. Most of the time, these have special jobs to do, a line-up of exciting Raid Bosses, as well as the first appearance of new Pokemon like Dedenne.

In Pokémon Go, confetti usually falls when there is a party or some other big event. This usually happens during the summer at Pokémon Go Fest or at the end of the year at a party for people who play the game.

Right now, it’s happening at the conclusion of May 2023, so it might not be plain why this occurs or why the confetti changes colors. Here is what you have to know regarding why paper falls within Pokémon Go:

Niantic and Pokemon Go said that confetti will show on the map until the conclusion of the Festival of Lights event upon November 14, 2021, at 8 p.m. local time. This is to celebrate the win of light over Team Go Rocket.

What’s With All The Confetti?

The reason for the fireworks in Pokémon Go is the Season of Rising Heroes’s last event. This is the last event of the Rising Heroes season, and it has something to do with the event that is going on right now.

This will only last for a short time, especially once the Season of Hidden Gems starts in early June 2023.

Why Does The Color Of The Confetti Change?

Most of the time, the dust at these events stays the same color, and this time will be no different. In past events, like the Pokémon Go Tour Hoenn event, the colors kept changing.

It depends on the amount of Field Research jobs either the Ruby or Sapphire teams finish. If more people on the Ruby ticket finish than on the Sapphire ticket, the confetti turns red. If the Sapphire team succeeds, the confetti turns blue, just like their ticket.

This will keep happening as long as the event is going on. This is the initial occasion that the confetti has changed color every hour. This could happen again during subsequent Pokémon Go events where two teams are trying to beat each other.

How Confetti Works In Pokémon Go:

For the timed study, players must earn twelve hearts along with their buddy, get a total of 3,000 XP, as well as power up a Pokémon ten times. Each time a job is done, a Pokémon will appear.

If all three conditions are met, players will get an extra 20 treats for Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, the three starting Pokémon from Kanto.

During the event, players with a buddy Pokémon will also get twice as many hearts. This makes it easier for players to level up their friend and get special prizes. When buddy Pokémon gain a level, they can find gifts, give their masters mementos, and get a CP boost in battle.


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