How To Finish Laswell’s Letter In Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ

How To Finish Laswell’s Letter In Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ:

The High Alert prize from Laswell’s Letter task is fun, and it gives you 10,000 XP within DMZ Warzone 2. It’s the initial quest for Black Mous Level 1 as well as a starting point for other missions and parts of the game.

The information about the task is not very clear, which is a shame. This means that once the player finds the letter in the DMZ Notes page, they have to read it all. Here’s how to find as well as read Laswell’s Letter in the DMZ of Warzone 2 to finish the task.

Don’t know how to read Laswell’s Letter for the Black Mous First Stories Task in DMZ Season 4? The new season of Call of Duty just came out, and it has a lot of new stuff for the “Extraction” game.

In addition to a new area and group, there are also a lot of new tasks for the old clans. In this guide, we show you where the Notes Menu was within the DMZ, where you’ll find Laswell’s Letter within the Notes Menu, as well as how to do the suggested jobs.

In this post, we’ll show you how to finish Laswell’s Letter Mission within Warzone 2 DMZ. Laswell’s Letter is the initial Black Mous Tier 1 Warzone 2 DMZ Stories Mission.

To move on, you must read the letter in the Notes part and do the job that goes with it. For this job, you have to send an assignment to a certain place on the DMZ maps.

Laswell’s Letter Radio Tower Is In The Following Place:

I could put it on the map of Al Mazrah and prove that the task was available there. sadly, none of the towers with radios that are spread surrounding the map are shown.

The only method available to do that is to find them. The structures are red and white, and they stand out thanks to the radar dishes on top of them.

Climb to the highest point of any Al Mazrah radio tower, regardless of whether or not you are assigned an Upload Intel task.

There was a radio that I could talk to, which meant that the job was done. On the DMZ map, this may be done at any Al Mazrah radio station.

How To Read The Letter Of Laswell:

In DMZ, you can get to the notes page by going to the lobby screen and clicking on Mission Objectives. Next, scroll through the notes and search within a bunch of papers for Laswell’s Letter.

Because it’s the initial note within the Al Mazrah tab, the letter is not hard to find in the group. But if you can’t find it right away, just take your moment and scroll down till you do.

Once you find it, you ought to carefully examine the Laswell Letter because it has important information regarding the DMZ mission. Most of the information isn’t very clear, but there are some important points. Now you have to finish the task by going to an upload station.

DMZ How To Finish Laswell’s Letter:

The main story of the DMZ mode starts with Laswell’s Letter. The job starts when a letter with important information for the Black Mous group is found.

The task is easy: just read the letter as well as do the task that goes with it. Finding the letter is the first stage within this journey. In-game settings have an area called “Mission Objectives” where you can do this.

If you’re new to playing or haven’t made much progress, Laswell’s Letter is probably the only text you can access at this point. Go to the Mission Objectives page and open the Notes area. Open Laswell’s Letter to read it.

After read the letter, you must figure out what the job is and make plans for it. The most important part of the task is to send the information you got from the letter.

But the tricky part is figuring out where exactly this needs to be done. To finish the task, you need to load the plan of Al Mazrah.

Al Mazrah serves as one of the different places in Warzone 2.0. It is also one of the places in the DMZ game. The radio towers on this map are where you need to go to reach your goal.

You can reach the upload spot by climbing up any of these radio buildings. When you get to the top, you’ll see an opportunity to share the information you got from Laswell’s Letter.

This process finishes the job that goes with the letter, which means the goal as a whole is done.

Ai And Enemy Teams Make This Task More Difficult:

With AI and enemy teams around, it’s hard to get around the map and get to the tower, but it’s a satisfying experience that shows off the strategic and realistic parts of Call of Duty’s DMZ mode.

Remember that Call of Duty’s DMZ mode isn’t just about making it to the end; it’s also about finishing these complicated jobs and goals. Missions like Laswell’s Letter add to the story and make the game more immersive and difficult to play.

In Call of Duty’s DMZ mode, players can fully engage themselves in the world by carefully reading in-game materials, making plans, and doing jobs well.


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