How To Find The Dead Drop At The Vondel Zoo In Call Of Duty WZ 2.0 DMZ

How To Find The Dead Drop At The Vondel Zoo In Call Of Duty WZ 2.0 DMZ:

Only a few days into Season 4, the new Vondel map within Call of Duty War Zone as well as DMZ has already caused a stir.

Fans of Warzone can play the map within Resurgence groups, but fans of DMZ can find a lot more to do on Vondel. After they find the Phalanx dead drop, they can join the new Phalanx group, find new keys, and finish tasks for other factions.

Activision also made a new survival-style game mode called DMZ for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, which came out at the same time as the Battle Royale Mode. This new game mode places you upon the globe of Al Mazrah, where you’ll fight against AIs and other people for valuable tools.

This spot is secret, just like the other dead drops within the DMZ, which makes it a little hard to find. We were able to find this place, which brought us a single step closer to finishing Icebreaker.

Here’s what you need to know regarding the DMZ within Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 in order to locate the Vondel Zoo Dead Drop.

In the DMZ, dead drops have significance because they let people get valuable items without having to leave. If things look bad that you may not make it out of Vondel alive, you should find a dead drop and put your most valuable items in it.

How Do Dead Drops Work?

Within Warzone 2’s DMZ mode of play, there are safe spots called “Dead Drops” throughout Al Mazrah where you can put your money and slow down your “Insured Slot Timer.”

These are easy to find if you look around for white dumpsters. In this game mode, you will find an aggregate of six Dead Drops.

Where To Look For The Dead Drop At The Vondel Zoo:

I figured out quickly that the dead drop would be somewhere on the map near the Vondel Zoo. It’s located in the southwest part of Vondel. A good number of NPCs usually guard this area.

Because of where I had began, it was pretty easy for me to get to this place, but the effects of this task might be different for each player depending on where they started in Vondel.

On the Warzone 2.0 DMZ map, the exact spot you need to find is located in the southwest region of the Vondel Zoo. You will see a big building afterwards to one of the zoo’s many attractions. The dead drop ought to be on the southern side of the building.

When you get to this place, talk to the dead people there. We got the information we needed for the next step and the letter of reference for the The Icebreaker mission within the DMZ this way.

It’s important to keep in mind that a few other players were also trying to confirm this position, but we were able to outsmart them for the goal and move on with the rest of the task.

When I got ready to leave and enjoyed everything I required to get out of the area, it was helpful to have a quick exit close by. This may not always be the safest way to leave this region, yet I discovered it helpful to keep a car close or to mark one when I felt ready to leave.

This map is also where the remainder of the Icebreaker task takes place. The next step is for you to go to Vondel’s university and put the letter of recommendation and tracking gear in that spot on the DMZ map.


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