How To Finish His Last Act Of The Burning Shores DLC In Horizon

How To Finish His Last Act Of The Burning Shores DLC In Horizon:

After fleeing Aloy as well as Seyka at Pangea Park, Walter Londra goes back to his hideout at the Hollywood sign for the final showdown in Horizon: Forbidden West: Burning Shores. This last quest is hard, and the boss fight is the biggest and most complicated in either Horizon game.

His Final Act is the last quest in the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West. Aloy and Seyka go back to Walter’s rocket camp to face him and stop him from carrying out his plan, which would eliminate everything within a 1000-mile radius.

But he has one more scheme up his sleeve that will drive you to your breaking point. This guide tells you how to finish the quest, including how to fight the boss and how to sneak around.

Horizon: Forbidden West’s Burning Shores DLC doesn’t last very long, but each task has a lot to offer.

Soon after what happened in Horizon: Forbidden West, gamers will have to deal with the last of the Zeniths. Like the other Zeniths, Londra doesn’t want the best for Earth, and Aloy and Seyka are the only ones who can stop him.

His Last Act Breakdown:

You start his last performance at the campfire near where Walter’s base is. When Seyka shows up, you can either start the task or wait for a while.

The sole explanation for having for waiting is so you can get more goods at Fleet’s End. Even though we made all the ammo we could, updated everything we could, as well as bought a few meals, this task was really hard for us.

You’d be foolish to go into it without being ready, so store up while you still can. Then go back to the base and begin the task.

Turn Off The Device For Cooling:

Walter is within the Horus, attempting to make it work. He doesn’t have the code for turning it on, so he’s putting himself in while trying to will it to work.

The machine is making a lot of heat while doing this, and since it is 1,000 years old, it doesn’t have a way to cool down. So, while he was working, he hooked one up, which Aloy noticed right away.

Your first job is to shut down the cooling system so that the Metal Devil doesn’t come back to life. As quickly as you take charge of Aloy, you’ll face people who want to change it. These are real, built-for-battle war machines, so be careful how you approach them.

We discovered the best method to battle them was by spraying them with acid and then take their weapons away. This left them with only their tails, which makes them pretty easy to kill.

As you progress forward, the Horus will appear to life right in front of your eyes. One arm will, at least. This attack drill is a limb of the Horus, as well as Walter employs it like an eye to find you.

After that, you have to stay low and stay in the tall grass to escape being seen. The attack drill’s eye has a blue light that shows where it is looking. Before you leave the tall grass, you should wait for it to move out of the road you want to take.

How To Get Around The Horus Attack Drills:

This first attack drill will look at the whole area where you’re stuck. There are a fair number of places to hide, which is good. Move when the attack drill isn’t looking in the direction you want to go.

We moved quickly through the tall grass until we came to under the building in the picture above. This gave us enough cover to look around to see the firegleam in the wall ahead.

The Assault Drill moves only sufficiently to let you sneak out to the field near the Firegleam as well as blow it up when it’s not looking.

In the next area, you have to sneak around the attack drill one more time. But then you’re thrown into a place where the attack drill is searching for you and where four corruptors are stationed.

Move via the tall grass until you’re close to the first building. If you look around, you’ll see a few places where you can climb. Wait until the attack drill is over, then climb these stairs to get onto the top. You might want to conceal behind a low wall up there.

When the attack drill isn’t looking, drop down the other side as well as slide into the long grass. Stay here until the close corruptor who is walking around has turned around and started to leave. Then, you can run for the low barrier with the climbing strip on it to make it to the last sneaky part.

In the final area, a new attack drill is looking for you, as well as those who corrupt are blocking the way. You must fire the purple stuff, which is unstable firegleam, to draw attention away from yourself.

Wait until the attack drill is over, and then sneak past the corruptor. After that, you should be ready to make your way up the hill as well as leave the area.

As soon as you leave the hidden zone, two Clamber jaws will appear after you. Mercifully, the attack drill won’t come over to see what’s making all the noise, so use your strongest guns to take down these machines.

If you’re not sure which new guns to use, check off our list of the most effective ones.

Now that the Clamber jaws are down, you can shoot the heat grenades on the cooling system. A nice touch is that Aloy keeps a single open for Seyka to take down, as well as Seyka is going to do the same for Aloy.

To Save Walter, You Must Kill The Horus:

Your hard work to keep Walter from waking up the Horus didn’t go to waste, but he was still able to bring the machine back from the dead. After an amazing sequence that leads right into the game, you have to take out the biggest machine in the Horizon series.

In the games that came before this one, the Horus have been the subject of myths and legends for almost 200 hours total. Now, you need to help Aloy kill a god.

While you’re watching this fight, ensure that you check the machine. This will finish the machine scans for the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West.

First Step To Defeat Horus:

In the first part of the fight against Horus, you must sneak up to it and destroy its heat sink tubes. These make a small weak spot on the machine’s back that is covered by different weapons and the limbs it moves on.

You have to move around the tentacles as well as gunshots as well as shoot the tubes when you can see them clearly. We found that exploding spikes from a spike gun were the best tool for this. Even if you miss the first shot, the blast will still hurt the tubes.

Second Step To Beat Horus:

The second part of the fight against Horus is a lot like the first, yet there are two problems. First, Horus will make two corruptors appear and attack you. There is no time limit on the fight, so kill these as quickly as you can to keep going after Horus.

Seyka keeps it busy with strikes from the Waterwing. To get to the tubes you have to hit, you have to run up to one of the machine’s legs and climb it.

There are fire and electricity hurdles along the way. You need to jump and climb at the right time to avoid as much damage as possibly.

When you’re close to the protective covering for the tubes, that you can jump as well as apply the pullcaster to hit and break it open. Once you take off the cover, you have another powerful tool to blow up the tubes and move on to the next stage.

Third Step To Beat Horus:

For the third part of the fight, Walter takes Horus into the water. While it’s getting cooler, he uses four huge limbs to catch Aloy on the beach and attack her.

During this part, you will be attacked in a few different ways, and you need to avoid all of them so you can kill more of these heat sink tubes.

The Horus can shoot you, smash its tentacles into the beach as well as pull them back up under Aloy, or just beat the sand. It hurts a lot, but after every strike pattern, the tentacles will emerge from their heat sink tubes.

You are able to eliminate one each attack, so know where you’ll need to go next and get your explosive tools ready.

After four hits, you have to hit the heart of Horus’s chest. There is a blue, sparkling ball that can be hurt by any kind of attack. We used darts because swords aren’t accurate enough from this far away. Once this is gone, you’re in the last part of the game.

Fourth Step To Beat Horus:

For this last part of the fight, Walter leads the Horus deeper into the ocean. You have to swim Aloy all through to the bright part of the dragon’s midsection and have her use her spear to break in. After that, she will be way inside the machine.

The Horus is a mess on the inside. Swim up until you reach the machines in a circle. To get to a crawl space, you have to climb up the middle of this building and then go around the outside.

If you keep going, you’ll reach a small hallway where lightning sometimes sparks down your path. Use the open spaces on your side to get away from the power and move on.

You’ll find Walter once you’re on the road. He is connected to Horus’s brain, so he can control electrical drones as well as heat vents within the room.

To hurt the brain, shoot the wires that connect to it. Then you have to fight the drones and avoid getting hurt until he shoots electricity waves at you. This will show you where his brain is, which is behind him. Your targets are the bigger wires that blink orange.

Hit them whenever you can, and you’ll beat Walter in the end. As soon as Walter hits the ground, Aloy can kill Horus. Walter’s shield is taken away, but Aloy doesn’t kill him.

She instead examines his brain to get as much information as she can. Because Aloy isn’t a heartless killer, we felt this was an appealing touch. If she could have, she could have called Walter back to life.

But the Horus starts to overheat, as well as Aloy only makes it survive because Seyka saves her in an awesome Water Wing exit scene.

Go To The Ship And Finish The Quest:

Seyka got Aloy up from the beach, and then the two went their separate ways. From here, you can go to Fleet’s End to continue your search with Admiral Garrit. This completes the Quen plot from Forbidden West nicely. Then, Seyka tells Aloy that she wants to meet her where they initially met.

You can check in with Kina, Seyka’s sister, before you do that. Then, when you’re ready, you are able to observe how Aloy and Seyka’s story ends on a sad note.

They tell each other how much they love each other, and then they finally get together. It’s a wonderful time.

Even though it’s filled with longing because each of these women has work to do in very different parts of the world, they agreed that they’ll see each other again when everything is done.

This will end the quest and provide you a new one called “Epilogue,” along with the Spectre Vision Face Paint. This will send you back to your base within the Forbidden West, where you can talk to Sylens about Walter’s ideas for stopping Nemesis.

Lance Reddick’s character, who is so ready to open up to Aloy as well as be her friend instead of her enemy, has a sad finish. You may go to Varl for a bit more narrative while you’re here. Guerrilla came by to pay honour to the hero who had died.


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