How To Find All Seeds In The Roots Of Pacha

How To Find All Seeds In The Roots Of Pacha:

Players can build and improve their tight-knit group of people in Roots of Pacha. In Pacha, unlike Stardew Valley or Story of Seasons, players won’t be able to buy seeds at a store until they’ve found and collected seeds in the wild.

In the prehistoric-themed village-building game Roots of Pacha, your job is to grow seeds and food.

Since the game takes place in the past, you can’t just go to the store to buy seeds like you can in Stardew Valley or Dreamlight Valley. Don’t worry, though. This Roots of Pacha book will inform you where you can locate all the seeds as well as how to grow them on your farm.

Information In Brief:

Farming lets you find, gather, and grow veggies and flowers in Roots of Pacha. A lot of these foods can be changed in other ways by drying, grinding, or breaking them.

Check out the list of forgeable to find plants that can be picked from the wild but cannot be grown as crops.

To grow a farmable crop, the player has to locate it where it grows naturally. Each wild plant gives one crop of wild-quality and one seed when it is ready to be picked.

You can take these seeds back to your village and put them in the fields there. Crops grown on farms do not give seeds for more crops. It is possible to come up with a way to get more seeds.

As the player picks each crop, the clan learns more about that plant. At understanding level 2, the book has information about the plant, such as when it blooms and when it grows.

As people learn more, the quality of the foods they grow also gets better. At the first step up in excellence, the name changes, like from “wild tomato” to “tomato,” demonstrating that the crop has been tamed.

More levels of quality are shown by the tags “good,” “better,” and “best.” When higher-quality things are used, they give more energy and when they are given to the clan, they give more participation points.

How To Get Seeds:

In Roots of Pacha, people who want to plant seeds will have to look in every part of the world map. Once you find seeds, you will be able to buy them at a seed shop.

On trees in different places on each map, you can find seeds. The types change based on where you are. In the main town, you can find seeds for carrots as well as peppers. In the grassland, you can find wheat and garlic.

Players will also be able to pick fruits from wild trees. Every few days, olives, pomegranates, nuts, as well as numerous other tasty treats will grow back.

This gives you a lot of food to find in the wild early on in the game. It’s important to remember that wild plants only give seeds, which need to be placed near the player’s home in order to grow into food.

How Seeds Grow:

In Roots of Pacha, there’s a couple of steps you need to take to grow seeds as well as start farming. First, find the plant where it grows in the wild. For example, if you are interested in growing garlic, you have to look for it in the forest.

When you pick a wild plant, you get one crop of wild grade along with one seed for that plant. Once you find a plant, it is going to be noted on the map. After a few days, you can pick it.

Now that you have the seed, you should go back to the town and put it in the left fields. Use the watering can to water the seeds, as well as use the handaxe to take away any trash. But keep a few things in mind.

Once you have made the plant farm, you may purchase seeds from Igrork. You can get into the Plant Nursery after giving Igrork five crops from the farm as well as waiting two days.

Each seed will cost 20 contributions, as well as Igrork will only sell you seeds that you’ve already gathered once.

In Roots Of Pacha, Every Seed:

Roots of Pacha lets players grow and gather a wide range of seeds, nuts, as well as veggies. Here is a list of every seed, how long it takes to grow, when to plant it, as well as how much it charges to buy.

Seed Season Growth Time Prosperity Cost
Beans Spring Grows in 4 days (harvest every 5) 20
Carrot Spring Grows in 4 day 20
Garlic Spring Grows in 4 days 20
Potato Spring Grows in 6 days 20
Quinoa Spring Grows in 9 days 20
Wheat Spring Grows in 5 Days 20
Sea Kale Spring/Summer Grows in 6 days 20
Sesame Spring/Summer Grows in 8 days (harvest every 4) 20
Tomato Spring/Summer Grows in 10 days (harvest every 4) 20
Amaranth Summer TBA 20
Eggplant Summer Grows in 7 days (harvest every 3) 20
Millet Summer Grows in 6 days 20
Pineapple Summer Grows in 18 days 20
—- Summer —- 20
Strawberry Summer Grows in 6 days (harvest every 3) 20
Butternut Squash Summer/Fall Grows in 13 days 20
Chile Summer/Fall Grows in 14 days (harvest every 3) 20
Garbanzo Summer/Fall Grows in 8 days (harvest every 6) 20
Sunflower Summer/Fall Grows in 5 days 20
Sweet Potato Summer/Fall Grows in 7 days 20
Pumpkin Fall Grows in 15 days 20
Buckwheat Fall Grows in 6 days 20
Cabbage Fall Grows in 7 Days 20
Cassava Fall Grows in 6 days 20
Corn Fall Grows in 9 days 20
Fennel Fall —- 20
Onion Fall Grows in 7 days (harvest every 4) 20
Prickly Pear Fall Grows in 9 days (harvest every 3) 20
Winter Pears Winter —- 20
Lettuce Winter —- 20
Broccoli Winter —- 20
Kohlrabi Winter —- 20
Oats Winter —- 20

Roots Of Pacha Has Every Kind Of Tree:

Here are the different kinds of trees that grow in Pacha and the fruits or nuts they make.

Tree Type Fruit
Alma Figs
Almond Almonds
Avocado Avacados
Citron Lemons
Coconut Coconuts
Date Palm Dates
Mango Mangos
Olive Olives
Pine Pinecones
Pomegranate Pomegranates


How To Bring Plants Into Your Home In Roots Of Pacha:

In the beginning, all plants give “wild” crops instead of normal crops. But in Roots of Pacha, to tame a wild crop, players only must provide nourishment for the plants as they grow to get the hardier version.

This may require a while, especially if the crop can only be harvested once. But the work pays off because the tamed food gives more energy and can be given to the clan in exchange for more wealth.


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