How To Finish Floor 12 Of The Spiral Abyss In Genshin Impact Version 3.6

How To Finish Floor 12 Of The Spiral Abyss In Genshin Impact Version 3.6:

Genshin Impact Version 3.6 has reached its final task. Every new update changes the Spiral Abyss in some way, adding new threats and obstacles.

This spiral pit needs a mix of heavy single-target as well as area-of-effect damage, so bring a variety of characters to fulfil the DPS checks on this floor. A few of these opponents are big, so if you want to master this series, your characters will need to be strong.

Basic Information:

Ley Line Disorder For this floor only, the ley line flow will be normal.
Enemy Level Lv. 95 – Lv. 100
Star Bounty Mora x60,000
Primogem x150
Rewards Domain Reliquary – Tier I x1
Domain Reliquary – Tier II x2

How To Get Things Off The Floor 12:

Each update to the Spiral Abyss gives you a new buff that will help you in fight. This version is called Blessing of the Abyssal Moon: Reverberating Moon. The following is what this buff does:

“When the HP of the current character goes down, a blast will be sent out from the character’s place, dealing real damage to enemies nearby. Once every 0.8s, this impact can happen.

Most of the time, every floor of the Spiral Abyss has a Leyline Disorder that could help your team. But, like most other Floor 12s, you don’t get an extra buff. This means that the Blessing of the Abyssal Moon is the only buff you can get for Floor 12.

Which Qualities You Need To Have To Pass Floor 12:

This floor of the Spiral Abyss isn’t as hard as the last one, and the bosses aren’t too hard either.

But this rotation continues to have a few techniques up its sleeves that might hit your clear hard. Here are some squads that could assist you clear these floors quickly and get the most prizes possible.

Make sure your first team has a figure with a bow. The Aeonblight Drake is a boss on this floor that you have to bring back from the sky with a bow, no matter which team you play.

Alhaitham, Nahida, Yelan, As Well As Kuki Shinobu:

One of the best Hyper Bloom teams, with a lot of single-target and area-of-effect damage that is hard to beat. Alhaitham, Nahida, and Yelan’s high damage will also make quick work of the high HP on this floor.

Yelan is capable of taking down the Aeonblight Drake, and Alhaitham as well as Kuki Shinobu can quickly solve the formula of the supervisor network’s semi-transient matrix.

Arataki Itto, Zhongli, Albedo, And Gorou:

For this floor, we also suggest other options. Due to the size of this team and Itto’s high damage, a Geo team is actually a very good choice.

If you decide to put together a Geo team, you ought to only think of them as the second team, since they won’t help much with the semi-transient matrix boss’s first half’s formula.

Xiao, Zhongli, Faruzan, As Well As Bennett:

Blessing of the Abyssal Moon works well with this movement, and this ability does strong AoE damage for the 2nd half of this floor. Xiao should have no trouble getting rid of these enemies, especially the triple Maguu Kenki boss within the last room.

Room One:

During the first part, you’ll have to fight two waves of enemies. You’ll first meet a group of Ruin Hunters, Ruin Destroyers, as well as Ruin Defenders.

These enemies are going to appear nearest to each other other, so go to the heart to keep them together so you can do more AoE damage easily. After this, you’re have to fight 2 enemies called Consecrated Beasts.

The main thing that makes this Spiral Abyss spin hard is that these enemies are big and hurt you. Take note of how they attack and maybe take them out one at a time.

Be sure to bring an effective cure or a way to defend yourself while you try to dash via a lot of damaging hits.

In the second part, you’ll have to beat a trio of enemies. You will have to fight some Consecrated Beast enemies, just like in the first part. Geo heroes can fight through these enemies’ damage with brute force, giving you a straightforward method to beat them.

Before you fight the Consecrated Beasts, you’ll fight simple monsters like mushrooms and Kairagis. To tell you, Kairagis must be killed at the same time to stop their HP-refilling process from working.

Room No. 2:

In the first part of Chamber 2, the Aeonblight Drake comes back. This boss’s skills aren’t too hard, so this fight is more of a DPS verify to see if you possess sufficient power and characters who care about the fight. The Aeonblight Drake is going to move through the air.

The place on this boss’s chest or the two jets on the sides of its head will light up. When the boss flies into the air, use your character with the bow as well as shoot the lit-up parts of it.

This will make the boss fall to the ground because it will be stunned. When this boss flies into the air for the second time, it will get ready to attack with a bunch of air bombs.

In the second part, you’ll have to beat 2 waves of opponents. Three Hydro Hilichurl Rogues make up the first wave. If you go to the one in the middle, the other 2 enemies will come together around you.

The next step is to fight 2 Eremite enemies. These enemies can make more enemies appear. When you kill this monster, the Eremite that sent it out will take a lot of damage and be stunned for a short time.

Room Three:

In the first half, you have to beat the Overseer Network boss’s formula of the semi-transient matrix. This boss has a very long name, but Dendro and Electro units are going to render it pretty easy to beat. The boss will appear, but it will take less damage.

After a while, the boss will turn invisible and run towards the direction it was facing. Find the boss while you are unseen and use a Quicken response on him. It’ll stun the boss, letting you deal heavy damage and removing it from its state of being invisible.

In the second half, there are three bosses named Maguu Kenki. For this fun task, you need to have good area-of-effect damage. We suggest going after the normal Maguu Kenki or the Lone Gale Maguu Kenki first.

This should keep the Maguu Kenkis close to each other, making it easy to give damage to a large area.

If you are having trouble staying alive, you can go after the Maguu Kenki Galloping Frost boss first. This boss slows down your team and makes an ice field that hurts you when you stand on it. If you beat this boss first, the rest of the fight will be easier.

Plan For Floor 12:

Stay within the middle during the initial wave of Ruin enemies to get them to come to you. If not all of the enemies came towards you, you might have to start the room over.

After you beat the enemies in the ruins, this will lead you close to the sacred beasts.

When the sacred beasts show up, you can save a lot of time by killing them all at once. When energy blocks appear, you should destroy them as quickly as possible to make the beasts stop moving.

Floor 12 Clear Rewards:

Chamber 1

Mora x25,000
Adventurer’s Experience x3

Hero’s Wit x2

Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
Domain Reliquary – Tier II x1

Chamber 2

Mora x25,000
Adventurer’s Experience x3
Hero’s Wit x2
Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
Domain Reliquary – Tier II x1

Chamber 3

Mora x25,000
Adventurer’s Experience x3
Hero’s Wit x2
Mystic Enhancement Ore x6
Domain Reliquary – Tier I x1


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