How To Get Maruto Cuts Vampire Survivors Tides Of The Foscari

How To Get Maruto Cuts Vampire Survivors Tides Of The Foscari:

Tides of the Foscari introduced a lot of new characters as well as things that you can unlock and use in your builds. So you don’t get trapped after the initial few runs, this guide tells you how to unlock Maruto Cuts, one of the new characters in the DLC. Here is all the information you need.

It looks like the Tides of the Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivors is a lot of nods to pop culture. One of the new characters in the DLC is named Maruto Cuts. He is partly based on Naruto from Boruto and partly on Guts from Berzerk.

Vampire Survivors Was Made By:

The video game Vampire Survivors was made by Luca Galante. It is a shoot-em-up game. It’s a simple game with rogue-lite elements in which you shift thousands of night animals as well as try to stay alive until dawn.

In Vampire Survivor: Tides of the Foscari, if you want to know how to get Maruto Cuts, we’ve got you covered.

He looks a lot like both of these manga and anime characters, and Prima Games has tips for everything in the Tides of the Foscari DLC, such as how to obtain Maruto Cuts. Look at it down below.

Rides of the Foscari introduced a lot of new characters as well as things to Vampire Survivors that you can unlock as well as add to your builds. This guide tells you how to unlock Maruto Cuts, one of the new DLC characters, so you don’t get stuck after the initial few runs.

How To Get Access To Maruto Cuts:

To get Maruto Cuts, you must acquire SpellStorm in a single run as Eleanor Uzinor. You’ll need to find Eleanor Uzinor’s coffin on the map of Lake Foscari before you can talk to her.

Once you’ve done this, you need to level up each of her core abilities¬† SpellString, SpellStream, as well as SpellStrike to level 6 as well as pick up a chest.

This gives you SpellStorm, a very powerful tool that will get you to level 50 on any game. We’ve broken this up into the steps you’ll take during your run.

Eskizzibur Abilities:

Level Abilities
Level 2 Fires 1 more projectile
Level 3 Base Damage up by 5
Level 4 Base Damage up by 5
Level 5 Every fifth activation has a combo finisher
Level 6 Base Damage up by 5. Base Area up by 10%
Level 7 Base Damage up by 5
Level 8 Base Damage up by 10

At level 5, the combo end is a circle-shaped AoE move that hits everyone towards of the character. When Mario does it, there’s also a cool video. It does a lot of damage, so you’ll definitely use this tool a lot during this DLC.

SpellString How To Get It:

Spellstring is Eleanor Uzinor’s starting ability, and it shoots out magic from time to time. You don’t have to do everything to get this ability, but you should be able quickly to get it to level 6.

SpellString can be upgraded with each fresh level, so you won’t have to worry about it when you finish your run. From here, you ought to attempt to get Armour and Laurel so Eleanor Uzinor has the safety she needs to finish the run.

SpellStream How To Get It:

Eleanor Uzinor gets SpellStrike at level 30, and it makes an area where spell harm hits enemies. As soon as you get it, level it up as quickly as possible to level 6. You’ll have plenty of other skills by now, so this might be hard.

But you should get it to level 6 fast if you concentrate more on upgrades than on getting new powers. Keep one slot open now that you have all of the abilities you need.

Garlic is a great thing to have in your arsenal if you have the by chance, and it will give you the room required to make SpellStorm function when you get it.

SpellStorm How To Get It:

To get SpellStorm, you need to level up SpellString, SpellStream, as well as SpellStrike to level 6. When all of them are level 6, you have to open a chest. This will give you SpellStrike, a huge ability that sends out a storm with damage that destroys everything on the screen.

When you use this ability for the initial time, Maruto Cuts will become a playable character. When you finish the map, he’ll be on your team for your next game.

How To Evolve Eskizzibur:

It takes a lot of dedication to make Eskizzibur better. To do this, you must level up Eskizzibur to level 8, which is the highest level possible. Your protection also needs to be upgraded to level 8.

When you have done both of these things, you’ll need to identify a box and open it. The Legionnaire, considered a very good weapon, will be in the chest. When you finish your first run with a Legionnaire, Keitha Muort will be unlocked.

Describe A Legionnaire.

Legionnaire is a very powerful weapon that will alter your build the moment you get it.

When Legionnaire is opened, it calls a group of knights that move quickly across the screen and hurt everything they touch. You can improve your attack speed, attack power, as well as area of effect to make these heroes bigger and stronger.


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