How To Find Zelda’s Golden Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Find Zelda’s Golden Horse In Tears Of The Kingdom:

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like its predecessor, has a special horse that Princess Zelda used to own. You can find Hyrule’s most distinctive horses as well as ride them as your own if you do some soul-searching and shake the snow off your boots a lot.

Like the White Horse that came before it, the Golden Horse appears to be as magical as it sounds, but it also has the best stats of any horse in the game. You won’t wish to skip out on this unique horse, which is strong, fast, and has a cool set of tack.

When You Are In Hebra Mountains You Will Meet Stablehand Who Tell You He Is On Duty To Watch Zeldas Horse:

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it is said that Zelda’s Golden Horse has run away. When you’re in the Hebra Mountains, you’ll meet a stable-hand who claims it was their duty to watch Zelda’s horse, but it got away and they don’t know how to get it back.

You have to find Zelda’s Golden Horse to get it back, but you have to do some other things first if you are interested in discovering it.

We tried to get it earlier but didn’t succeed. In Tears of the Kingdom, we went back to this quest with a bit more experience as well as tools to make it happen. Getting the golden horse had been hard work, but it was well worth it.

Where To Find Zelda’s Golden Horse:

To make this quest possible, you must first start the hub quest “Princess Sightings.” Go to the Lucky Clover Gazette, which is in the far northwest area of your map, just east of Rito Village. Here, you’ll see some people you know.

You can get a job as a newspaper writer if you talk to Traysi and Penn. In exchange for following up on leads within the hunt for Zelda, you can get some Froggy gear and the prizes for each quest at the stables all over Hyrule.

But the clue we’re looking for is within the Tabantha snowfields to the northeast. Go to the Snowfield Stable by going northeast. Penn is talking with Harlow, the stable-hand, on the right side of the exterior of the stable. Talk to them to start your journey to find the Golden Horse.

You Have To Follow Harlows Advice And Go Nort:

Follow Harlow’s advice and go north, just right as well as ahead from where you talked with Harlow, through the snowfields as well as ruins. At some point, the Golden Horse will be discovered with a group of other horses near some ruins. To start trying to train it, you’ll have to sneak up on it in order to jump on it.

You can ride the horse returning to Snowfield Stable if you press L until it slows down. Talking to Penn and Harlow will finish this quest and let you take the Golden Horse.

When you are free to move around, take the Golden Horse to the stable owner at the counter to get them registered. You’ll get to ride this horse and give it a name. You’ll also be given a royal kit set to make it your own.

Golden Horse Stats:

Within Tears of the Kingdom, Zelda’s Golden Horse has great stats all around. They have +4 strength, +3 energy, +2 pull, and +4 speed.

Even better, they are friendly and have a +80 bond with Link from the start. In short, they’re simple to control as well as won’t give you any trouble, which makes them one of the best mounts in the game.


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