How To Find Mayaumekis Shrine Tears Of The Kingdom And Finish It

How To Find Mayaumekis Shrine Tears Of The Kingdom And Finish It:

There are probably a few shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will make you want to beat yourself against your Purah Pad, but Mayaumekis Shrine will be in the club of being short, sweet, and easy.

It’s on the way to the Wind Shrine, which means you can have fun there as well as save your game. Players can finish more than 150 shrines within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. When they are done, they give Lights of Blessing.

Heart And Stamina Containers Are Very Important:

Heart as well as Stamina Containers are very important within Tears of the Kingdom, and the player wants these to get them. Players are going to want to finish as many shrines as possible to improve Link’s stats, so this is to be expected.

It has a number of boats with sails that can be launched. These boats help you get ready for the journey to the Wind Temple. To get to the conclusion of this trial, you’ll have to jump over all of them. But keep an eye on where you are going. You might find that the way isn’t as easy as it seems.

Here’s how to do the Downward Force task at the Mayaumekis Shrine. In it, players are going to utilize lift ships to fly through the air to a secret room where they can get their prize.

The Mayaumekis Shrine Is Located In:

The Mayaumekis Shrine was in the Rising Island Chain of the Sky Isles. Most of the time, players will find this shrine on their way to the “Tulin of Rito Village” mission. The shrine’s exact coordinates are -2946,3052,0897.

Mayaumekis Shrine How To Finish It:

The first room of the Mayaumekis Shrine is, luckily, easy to understand. You’ll see a gate and nothing on your side that you can touch. Look to the right of the gate, past the wall with the bars, and you’ll see an orange switch.

If you hit it, the gate will open and you can go into the trial. You can do this with an arrow or a long tool that looks like a stick. Climb the stairs to get to the boat in front of you, but watch out for the Zonite enemy waiting at the top.

Your Enemy Have Bow & Arrow So Avoid Their Arrow And Kill Them:

They only have a bow, which means you can avoid their arrows and quickly hit them several times to kill them. You only have to worry about them in this shrine. After you kill the Zonite, jump down to the boat below and land on the sail.

When You Land On Square Stage Take A Moment Because Your Boat Is Moving:

You will see several boats in front of you, but you should land on the square stage you jumped over. From here, spend a moment to prepare your jumps across, paying special attention to the boat that is moving. Once the boat was close enough to a paraglider, you can jump off and sail over.

From here, your goal is the big square-shaped room at two o’clock, yet you’ll have to make a small stop first. Angle yourselves onto the boat that is going around in a circle, and subsequently jump off to get to the next boat next to the small square platform.

Jump From This Boat And Aim The Switch And Shoot The Arrow:

Jump up from this boat with the bow pointed towards the square room. You’ll see a switch there. Shoot one shot between each bar to hit the switch and make it green.

When the switch is pressed, a gate will open below the room. You can now jump to the boat right in front of you and under the room. You can jump up from this boat and into the room, where you can get your prize as well as leave.


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