How To Finish A Call From The Depths In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish A Call From The Depths In Tears Of The Kingdom:

“A Call From the Depths” is one of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s best side quests. Not only is it a straightforward method to learn about bargainer figures early on, but it also gives you a free update to your energy or heart container.

Our “A Call From the Depths” guide will teach you how to start and finish this quest, which will take you deep into Hyrule.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the stones always ask for help. From bargainer statues that say “Poes” every time you pass by to goddess figures that desire to take all your Lights of Blessings,

They seem to always want more of them. Still, if you give the statues what they desire, you usually get something in return, like extra heart and energy containers or a Dark Armour suit that looks cool.

In A Call from the Depths, you will go on a difficult journey in the Depths of Hyrule. Here are all the details about this quest within Tears of the Kingdom that you need to know.

After you save the figure and talk to it a second time, the A Call from the Depths task will start by itself. For this quest, you have to go to four places on the Great Plateau, find the statue’s “eyes,” and throw them into the nearby chasms.

It sounds easy, right? But that’s not the end. It’s easy to find the eyes and throw them into big holes in the ground. Then, you have to take the eyes to an unnamed spot in a completely dark basement place. When we said it involved a wild chicken chase, we weren’t joking.

How To Play “A Call From The Depths”:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is a side quest called “A Call from the Depths.” Your job is to get eyes for a figure. When you’re done, you’ll get an increase to either your strength or your energy.

How To Make A Call From The Depths:

Go to the Gatepost Town Ruins within the Great Plateau to start this quest. The entry is blocked by a big pile of trash that is waiting to be found. Use a tool that is part rock and part weapon to break up the pile of rubble.

Now that the whole area has been cleared, you can go there. A figure right by the door will show you the way to the Time Temple, which is your next stop.

adhere to the waypoint to this place you’ve been before, and when you get there, talk to the figure at the end of the room. Discover her four eyes on the top of Hyrule, toss them into the depths, and bring them to the figure in the depths.

Where To Look For The Four Eyes:

Even though the plan shows where the four eyes are, they aren’t easy to find. Most of the time, you have to answer a problem before you can get them.

North Look for this eye in the body of water nearby. Activate Ultrahand to highlight it in orange, grab it and throw it to the chasm.
East Another pile of rubble can be spotted around the chasm. The second eye lies underneath it, so use the same boulder weapon as before to break the rubbles. Just like before, grab the eye and throw it into the chasm.
South This eye lies under the huge rock next to the chasm. Grab the rock with Ultrahand and remove it before throwing the third eye to the chasm.
West To find the last eye, head to the quest marker and spot the lonely ice rock near the chasm. Melt the ice using fiery weapons or an arrow fused with fire fruit to reveal the last eye. Once it’s thrown into the chasm, it’s time to head to the Depths to finish off this quest.


How Do I Find The Statue?

The best way to find this figure is to mark the position of the Temple of Time on the map above ground and use that information to your advantage within the depths. Under the Temple of Time, the figure is in a cave. You need to get all four eyes to their stone owner in the deep.

Even though this might appear hard, particularly as this area is made up of ruins and you can’t see much, there are a lot of complimentary Zonai devices around to help. Most of them already have been built, so when you find one, all you have to do is look in.

Once all the eyes are back where they belong, the figure will give you either a life or an energy bottle. There will also be more things to trade at the statues of the bargainers.


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