How To Find Every Lightsaber Stance Within Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How To Find Every Lightsaber Stance Within Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Cal has a lot more ways to fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor than he did in the first game. You’ll start alongside the same single-bladed and double-bladed lightsaber positions you had at Fallen Order.

Not long after Survivor starts, though, Cal starts to add more skills to his list. Our Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsaber positions guide will show you how to unlock each one, where to find it, and how to use it best.

He formerly had just three ways to fight with his sword, but now he has five. Players can wear two of them at once and switch between them. Players will be excited to unlock and use each stance. Here’s an overview to tell you when and where you can do that.

Lightsaber battles are a vital component of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and they are also my best part. As you move through the main game, you’ll fight against a variety of monsters, and some of them will be hard to beat.

An important part of all of this is knowing how the different blade poses work. In Jedi: Survivor, you can learn five different stances.

Several of them are accessible when you first start the game, yet others will show up as the story goes on. Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here’s what you need to know regarding all the Lightsaber poses and how they work.

Each Lightsaber Position:

When you start Jedi: Survivor, you can choose between three ways to hold your sword. You can use the Single, the Double-Bladed, or both at the same time.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order added the single-bladed and double-bladed stances. The dual-wield stance was added at the conclusion of the first game, but it wasn’t a stand-alone stance.

There are now two new stances for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These are Blaster and Crossguard. You can get to these as you move through the main narrative.

It can be hard to figure out which sword poses to use, especially since you are limited to using two at a time. Here’s a detailed look at each lightsaber stance within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor along with how to switch between them.

Strengths And Uses Of Each Stance:

Single Position:

Single is the easiest and most common position. Cal is going to have one blade from his lightsaber off for a general-purpose position that mixes speed, power, and protection. Its special move is a swing that is aimed at one enemy.

Double Blade Stance:

With a pair lightsaber blades emerging out of the same handle, the double-bladed stance looks like Darth Maul. The double-bladed stance was best for fighting groups of enemies.

It gives you a little more speed and defense, but a little less power. With its special move, Cal’s two-bladed lightsaber spins around him within a circle, hitting more than one enemy.

Dual-Field Position:

Cal’s lightsaber splits into two pieces when he uses dual wield, one for each of his hands. Dual-wielding was the quickest and most offensive stance, stressing speed over defense as well as power.


Crossguard is a Kylo Ren stance that gives Cal’s blade a crossguard. When Cal uses the Crossguard stance, his blade becomes much slower and heavy. Crossguard was the most powerful and best defensive technique, but it is also the slowest.


As you might anticipate, the gun gives Cal a gun to help him fight. It really is as cool as it appears to be sounds.

How To Change The Stance Of A Lightsaber:

During battle, you can change how you hold your blade. If you’re using a keyboard, you can toggle between your sword poses by hitting the directional pads.

You should give each side a different blade stance. You are able to perform this both when you’re not fighting and when you are. You may do this the whole time you play Jedi: Survivor.

Go to a Meditation Point if you want to change the sword poses for these spots. There is going to be a “Stance” choice, and you can choose from the styles you’ve earned. At the start of the game, you have the option between guns with one blade, two blades, or three blades.

How To Use A New Lightsaber:

In Jedi: Survivor, players will be able to unlock two new ways to hold their lightsabers. The Blaster stance utilizes a long-range sword that lets players fight with shots that can be reloaded, while the Crossguard stance gives the user a lot of power. Both are very good ways to fight in the game.

How To Open Single-Sided And Two-Sided

At the beginning of the game, Cal becomes involved in a plan to steal important information from a politician on Coruscant. After getting his sword back and gaining access to spontaneous fighting, you’ll quickly be able to use both the single-blade and double-sided stances.

Since you can wear two stances at once, these will be the first two you switch between as you try to get away from Coruscant. The single-blade style is good at dealing middling damage to a single foe, either to their health or their energy bar.

When dealing with groups of enemies, a stance with two sides is better because it doesn’t do as much damage yet hits more enemies.

How To Get Access To Dual  Wielding

After taking the data from the senator on Coruscant, Cal as well as his team will try to get away, but they will be stopped by the Ninth Sister, whom they have met before.

Her missing arm makes it clear why she hates Cal and wants to kill him. When this boss’s health bar is down to the endure third, Cal will change how he fights the inquisitor by splitting his blade and fighting with both hands.

The remainder of the main fight will be done in this new way, making it your third stance for good.

How To Get Blade And Blaster To Work:

Cal fights with a sword in one hand and a gun in the other. This represents a new stance for Jedi Survivor. This stance can be used after you visit Jedha, the third planet you go to.

After briefly meeting up with a friend from the initial game, you and your friend will head to a desert hideout. After getting to the world, this takes approximately one hour of story-based material.

Once Cal gets to the hideout, Bode will give him one of his old blasters. Cal will then be able to use the Blade as well as Blaster Style to be his fourth stance, which is a unique move.

How To Open Crossguard’s Door:

After the old Mantis group has met up in the hideout on Jedha, you’ll be asked where you want to go next.

Go to the Shattered Moon of Koboh to find your way around the lab. At the conclusion of this planet’s zone, you’ll run into a Bedlam Raider with a sword, and you’ll have to fight Dyra Thornne to win.

Dyra is going to employ a lightsaber with a crossguard. After Cal beats this boss, he will pick up the lightsaber and change it to fit his own style. Then, you’ll have to fight a few foes with your new stance. After that, you’ll be able to use it as your fifth and last stance.


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