Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Mountain Ascent Collectibles And Where To Find Them

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Mountain Ascent Collectibles And Where To Find Them:

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you’ll discover that there’s a lot to do and find in each of the main story’s six parts. This has a lot of items for every place and world. Some collectibles are tougher to come across than others, yet most are worth the time it takes to find them.

In Jedi: Survivor, it doesn’t have been a mountain of a job to figure out how to locate all of the collecting spots at the Mountain Ascent upon Koboh.

Compared to other places, this one isn’t very big, and it doesn’t take nearly as much work to find all the items here as it does in the Arid Flats upon Jedha.

Still, a few quick tips and a good plan make it much easier to get everything at the Mountain Ascent.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s collectibles will take your all over the map. To find every unique thing in the game, you’ll have to go to many different places. There are items in both big and small areas, but most of them are on the primary planet, Koboh.

Mountain Ascent is one of the places you’ll finally be able to go. It’s one of the last places you’ll be able to explore as you progress through the primary narrative. This guide tells you where to look for all the items within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Mountain Ascent.

Where To Find Each Mountain Ascent Collectible:

In Jedi: Survivor, the Mountain Ascent is where you can find 18 Collectibles. This is one of Koboh’s medium-sized areas. It is much smaller compared to the Derelict Dam and the Southern Reach, but bigger than the Boiling Bluffs as well as the Sodden Grotto.

You can’t get all of the Mountain Ascent places until you finish the main story and get more skills. Early on in the game, I wanted to check out this area because it leads to Foothill Falls, but the big green screen stopped me.

Most of the story in Jedi: Survivor keeps you from going into this area, so it was easier for me to check out everything once the video game took me here on its own.

Places Of All Mountain Ascent Chests:

In Jedi: Survivor’s Mountain Ascent, you have to find a total of 6 Chests.

Chest 1:

You can find the first chest before you even open the door. You can use Merrin’s Charm to get via the Green Shield Doors. You can talk to the Stormtroopers guarding the entrance as well as trick them into lowering the shield so you can cut the connection.

Chest 2:

You can find this Chest in the Mountain Ascent, above the Military Checkpoint. You’ll need to employ Force Run to jump all the walls to get to the top ledge. You are able to open a container if you have the Force Lift as well as Force Slam skills.

Chest 3:

Go through the Security station and turn left to find this Chest. There will be a pool of water that you are able to swim through, and your Chest will be at the bottom.

Chest 4:

On the right road to the Security Checkpoint, there will be a Chest within the big pool of water. Skoova Stev can be found in this lower area.

Chest 5:

In a Shiverpede cave, there is a chest. You can find this cave by walking to the left following using a grappling hook to get past a moving wall before via the Force Lift ability to unlock a door. At the back of the cave is the chest.

Chest 6:

The last Chest was deeper within the Mountain Ascent area, near the end of this area. You’ll find it next to a crashed Tie-Fighter at the bottom of a cliff. To open the Chest, you’ll need to employ the Force Lift as well as Force Slam skills.

Locations Of The All Mountain Ascent Data Bank:

Within the Mountain Ascent area of Jedi: Survivor, you can find four Databank records.

Data Bank 1:

You can find the main Data Bank item for the Mountain Ascent area to the left of the Meditation Level. It will probably look like a Pressure Echo.

Data Bank 2:

In the hills, the next Databank site will be right on top of the first one. It will probably be a house in the hills that BD-1 can scan.

Data Bank 3:

Deeper in the Mountain Ascent region, there is a small cave past the location where you can use a grappling hook to climb up a wall as well as talk to a few Shiverpedes.

You might need to use the Pressure Raise ability to unlock the doors, then jump inside to face more Shiverpedes. BD-1 will then have to scan their home.

Data Bank 4:

Most likely, the end spot for the Databank will be deeper in the valley, near the top of Mountain Ascent. You can find it as Pressure Echo next to the Tie-Fighter that has crashed.

Locations Of All Mountain Ascent Seed Pods:

Within the Mountain Ascent area of Jedi: Survivor, you can find four Sees Pods.

1st Seed Pod:

Above the beams, these seed pods look out over the safety stop. You might be able to get to this Seed Pod by falling from the hills beyond this area.

2nd Seed Pod:

You will probably find a small seed pod under the diving pools, which are to the left of the security stop. You might be able to catch them if you jump off the rocks.

3rd Seed Pod:

Within the lower water region of the Mountain Ascent region, there will be an additional set of Seed Pods. You can get here by jumping down to the right of the Security Checkpoint.

4th Seed Pod:

You can find these seed pods in the final area, where the big Bilemaws are guarding the way out. It will probably be on this space’s left side.

Find All Of  The Mountain Ascent Treasures:

Within the Mountain Ascent area of Jedi: Survivor, you can find four Treasures.

Treasure 1:

You might find a prize in the body of a dead person in the lower rocks. You might be able to get to this cliff by taking the left path of Safety Management as well as jumping off the rocks to the left of the pool of water.

Treasure 2:

After reaching the grapple level as well as jumping across the gully to reach the second portion of the world, turn around and go back as far as possible to reach the next phase of Mountain Ascent.

On the other side of this space, there should be a small tunnel that leads to a small cave where you can find another prize.

Treasure 3:

This greater Treasure will be in Mountain Ascent, which is closer to the top of the entire globe. It will be in the water with Bilemaws, on the left side. It is under some rocks, so you will need to use the Pressure Raise feature to get to it.

Treasure 4:

Most likely, the last Treasure will be at the top of the Mountain Climb. You’ll find it on a perch above the water, near where you found the first Treasure. You’ll need a grappling hook for getting there.


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