How To Discover The Shipping Manifest For DMZ In Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0

How To Discover The Shipping Manifest For DMZ In Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0:

Most of the DMZ missions in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 aren’t too hard, but the Crown Faction missions are just a different story. Squads will be asked to find a shipping manifest in Hafid Port as part of their Tier 1 Piracy mission, but the quest never says where this item might be in the named location.

There is a method for players to get it quickly, though. Here’s where you can find the shipping manifest in the DMZ and what you’ll get when you finish the Piracy mission.

What Does Shipping Manifest Mean In Warzone2 DZM?

In Warzone 2 DMZ, you must finish the Shipping Manifest as part of the “Piracy” mission. To finish this assignment, you should discover the strange ship and attack the forces inside it. Do you find it hard to find this ship? This guide provides everything you need for Warzone 2!

How To Get The Shipping Manifest & Finish The Piracy Mission:

Before you can start Piracy in DMZ, you must first go to the cargo ship in Hafid Port, which is at the westernmost part of Al Mazrah. You just need to ping and follow the Ship Bridge Tower marker in the POI to find it.

But you should definitely bring a variety of weapons and a vehicle because there are a lot of enemies on the bridge that leads to this ship. You can also avoid most fights by taking a water vehicle to the ship & getting on it from the docks under the bridge.

The Shipping Manifest is on a shelf on the top floor of the ship, near the windows that look out onto Hafid Port. It is guarded by opponents with Riot Shields, so some may decide to bring Sem-tex or Frag Grenades before getting to the document.

After getting the manifest, the Piracy task can be completed by leaving the map at an exit point with the manifest. If you die before you get to the exfil, you’ll have to get the shipping manifest again. The rewards for the Piratery quest are also some of the best.


You will be able to do most Tier 2 Crown missions & earn 10,000 XP and the Oscar-Mike Blueprint for the PDSW 528 SMG. Tier 2 missions are also a series of item hunts, like Tier 1 missions. For example, the Intel Exchange quest has you discover Shipping Intel in Room 403 of the Ashika Island Hotel.


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