How To Defeat A Silver Lynel Within Tears Of The Kingdom Without Taking Damage

How To Defeat A Silver Lynel Within Tears Of The Kingdom Without Taking Damage:

The Lynel is a regular sub-boss throughout the Legend of Zelda games. He can be very scary, especially for people who haven’t played the games before and aren’t ready for him.

Not just are these horse bad guys quick on their feet, but they are also very strong and can handle any weather. “Only challenge a Lynel if you are very ready,” says the Legend of Zelda¬†Tears of the Kingdom book.

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s not easy at all to beat the Lynels. These lion-centaur mini-bosses represent a few of the hardest enemies you’ll face in the game.

Lynels are one of the most difficult challenges within Tears of the Kingdom, regardless of what level you are. They can shoot fireballs and break shields, but they also drop some of the best items.

With such a big world to explore as well as so many enemies to beat, players are going to run into the Silver Lynel, one of the most powerful creatures in the game. But it will be very satisfying to beat this creature.

We’ve been able to beat the legendary Silver Lynel without getting any harm after a lot of trial and error.

To do this, you can use a few tricks, although it does take a bit of expertise. Here’s what you have to know to kill a Silver Lynel within Tears of the Kingdom without taking any damage.

How To Find And Beat A Silver Lynel:

On both the Surface and in the Depths of Tears of the Kingdom, there are many Lynels. So far, we’ve found 15 Lynel spots on Hyrule’s Surface level. Look at the picture below to find out where they are:

There are many places in the Depths to find Lynels, yet there is one place where there are more than one. Be aware, though, that if you take on the task in the Floating Coliseum, you will have to fight several gloomy Lynels in a row.

The Floating Coliseum is in the Depths, right under the ruins of the Coliseum, which are in the Hyrule Fields area. Nearby the Mu-ustust Light-root, which is southwest of the Floating Coliseum, you can also find an armed White-maned Lynel.

Before Taking Fight Go To The Bokoblin Camp There Is A Chest:

This is a great place to look for a Silver Lynel, yet before you rush into the fight, you need to do some planning. There’s a Bokoblin camp southeast of the Utsushok Shrine.

I’ve found that the chest there also contains a Savage Lynel Bow, which is one of the best bows you can find in TotK. Clean up the camp, open the box, and take the bow before you go shooting.

Next, once you have a bow, you should also get your close-range guns ready. You should make sure that a few of your guns have a fuse that can fire at least 40 or more.

Bokoblin Horns Have Fused Strength Of 31:

The best way to do this is to combine some of your weaker ones alongside Silver Bokoblin horns, which possess a fused strength of 31 and are great for this future fight with Silver Lynel in Tears of the Kingdom.

For this fight, I thought it was best to have a minimum of three to four fighting weapons with this much fuse power. It’s also important to have a lot of bullets and either Keese Eyeballs as well as Aero Cuda Eyeballs. These are important things to have within your stock.

Few Location Of Lynel:

The next thing to do is to find the Silver Lynx. I found one roaming throughout the Kamah Plateau, north of Lakeside Stable, near the Utsushok Shrine. We can also find a Silver Lynel in the Ukuku Plains, north of Ploymus Mountain. Both places are nice, and they are near Shrines.

You may assault the Silver Lynel from the air as well as the ground when you get there. Within Tears of the Kingdom, I found that I was able to get sufficiently near to the thing by attacking from the ground. When the Lynel sees you, it will pull out its bow as well as attack you from afar.

Do Not Use Darts In First Round Instead Of Use Savage Lynel Bow:

Avoid the first round of darts, swap to your Savage Lynel bow, as well as put a Keese Eyeball on your arrow. When you shoot the bullet, it ought to hopefully strike the Lynel with its horns, knocking it out so you can mount it.

Use The Guns Which Has Strong Fuse With 40 Watts:

Here’s where those strong fuse guns with 40 watts or more come in handy. Make sure to wear one of these individuals while you’re riding the Lynel and keep attacking it until it throws you off. I hit it a lot, which made its health go down a good bit prior to I was knocked out.

Now, you do the same thing again, using Keese arrows to stun the Lynel prior to riding it. But this might not constantly work, that’s why you need to practice.

I think you should wait until the Lynel has attacked at least once, avoid it, and then use the Keese shot. This made it much easier to incapacitate it every time, since I didn’t have the opportunity to strike it when it rushed at me and possibly miss and get knocked out.

What Are Silver lynel Horns, And What Exactly Do They Do?

When you kill the Silver Lynel, it will drop the Silver Lynel Horn. There are other kinds of Lynel, like the Red-Maned Lynel, the Blue-Maned Lynel, as well as the White-Maned Lynel. The Silver Lynel was the most powerful mini-boss in this group, so its drops will be the best.

When it is killed, it will drop a pair of Silver Lynel Horns: the Silver Lynel Mace Horn as well as the Silver Lynel Saber Horn. The Silver Lynel will additionally drop powerful items for the player, like the Savage Lynel Bow.

The Silver Lynel Horns do the most damage when used as a fuse weapon, which is the best way to use them. The Mace one has 51 fuse attack power and the Saber one has 55.

They are additionally great when included in elixirs. Sometimes, like with the Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor, they are additionally required to improve armor.


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