How To Make Okra Soup In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

How To Make Okra Soup In Disney’s Dreamlight Valley:

Within a life-simulation game such as Disney Dreamlight Valley, users will come across many well-known Disney characters. Part of the game is making friends with these characters, and each of them has several tasks you can do.

When you finish these quests, you get a lot of gifts and your friendship levels alongside these figures go up. You have to give each character a certain activity to do, and some activity extras become available when their friendship numbers go up.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, making food can quickly become a hobby because there are so many various dishes to make. It’s almost as fun as gathering resources and things in a game. It’s fun to try to find every recipe in DDV, but some are harder to find than others.

Since Okra Soup constitutes a 1-Star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it only needs one item.

In the game, it’s not too hard to get that ingredient, but the problem is how the Dreamers will get to enter the necessary Biome. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, saving up some Dreamlight was an important step in making Okra Soup.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, How Do You Make Okra Soup?

Here, we show you how to make Okra Soup within Disney Dreamlight Valley, step by step.

Finding Okra:

Within Disney Dreamlight Valley, Okra is the only thing you need to make Okra Soup. But you can only find Okra within the Glade of Trust. Once the area is unlocked, players can go to Goofy’s Stall to buy Okra.

Easiest Method To Get Okra:

Players can buy Okra for 171 Star Coins as a food or for 135 Star Coins as a bag of seeds. If just Okra seeds are accessible, players may sow them, and the plants will require two hours to develop. There will be three Okras from each crop.

Get The Bonus For Gardening:

Players may hang out with a local with a Gardening bonus to get the most out of their Okra harvest. This will assist players get more Okra from their fields when they gather them.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Okra Soup recipe is worth 136 Star Coins as well as can give 99 Energy if it is used. But you don’t need to cook this meal unless other people need it for a Quest or a character during Chez Remy asks for it.

The only place within Disney Dreamlight Valley where players are able to obtain Okra is at Grade of Trust, but once they have it, they can easily buy it at Goofy’s Stall.

Players can make Okra by putting it in a pot alongside a single piece of coal and cooking it. Remember that this recipe won’t heal you very much, but it can help you finish tasks and goals. Now that you know how to make Okra Soup, you can go to the kitchen to prepare some great meals.


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