How To Complete The Rage Silent Assassin In Hitman World Of Assassination Elusive Target

How To Complete The Rage Silent Assassin In Hitman World Of Assassination Elusive Target:

In Hitman: World of Assassination, which takes place in Chonqing, the Rage is a hard-to-find target. The goal has been getting homeless people to fight illegally as well as is recognized for letting things get out of hand.

Even though he only has one guardian with him, this Silent Assassin run is still hard to do. In this guide, we’ll show you how to assassinate the target and finish the task as a “silent assassin.”

Elusive Target, Beware:

Because this is a hard-to-reach goal, you only get a single opportunity to get it right. You can’t repeat or change anything once you start finishing goals, which means murdering the target.

We recommend that you take our road a few times to get to know the most dangerous spots. Then, when you feel ready, you may turn it on and try to kill it.

Even if you’ve been seen and killed the elusive target, you can still quit the game and try this task again, but it’s best to play it safe and not do that because you might harm some save files.

Silent Assassin Loadout For The Rage:

For this hard-to-reach goal, you don’t need anything fancy. The only thing you need is a way to get their attention, like a coin. A silent gun is also helpful, but you can just use your hands if you don’t want to.

We’ve decided to use the suit you get from “The Wrath Termination.” The River-Side Walkway must also be used as a starting point to get the times right.

Where Does The Journey Begin?

From where you started, run into Chongqing as you make your way to where you can get off the scooter. You need to climb up some bamboo scaffolding that is close by. The scaffolding is marked on the map below.

A window is at the highest point of the platform. Go through the window as well as wait for the security officer on your left to come in and sit against the wall. Once he is in place, you are able to shift to the right direction and sprint to the conclusion of the hallway.

Turn left at the conclusion of the hall. A scientist gazes at a partition at the conclusion of the hall, but she doesn’t ever turn around. You can run behind her and jump over the wall that you can see.

Get Everyone Out Of The Area So No One Will See You:

Then, grab the pipe closest to the edge and slide down. You have to go within through the door at the bottom of the pipe. The person you want to catch will soon walk into the room at the bottom of the stairs. Get everyone out of the area so no one will see you.

Go down the initial set of stairs as well as lean up against the wall. The person behind the wall will talk to the target, but his security will go to the bottom of the stairs as well as wait.

Use a coin to get their attention and lead them up the stairs to where you are. Take them down from around the corner when they’re almost there. Do this again to get the second guard to come out.

Kill The Man And Figure Out How To Get Out:

Even though it’s not the most creative way to kill your target, using a coin to get him close to you is the fastest way to do it.

In our version, by the time we were done with the guards, he had previously been regarding walking up the stairs. This gave us time to get him under control and eliminate him before he left the region.

How Do I Get Out Of Here?

You have to go back to where you came to leave. Go up the pipe, jump over the wall, and keep going down the hall. Turn right and await for the guard near the window at the end to leave. Then jump out the window, slide into the bamboo platform, and use the scooter to get out of the house.


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