Signs Of Fragmentum Guide For Honkai Star Rail

Signs Of Fragmentum Guide For Honkai Star Rail:

Most of the time when you play Honkai Star Rail Signs, you’ll be focused on the main plot. However, there are a lot of side tasks you can do that can give you great benefits when you finish them.

But you shouldn’t take these side tasks lightly, because they can be as hard and time-consuming as the main quests if you don’t know how to do them. In “Signs of Fragmentum,” one of these tasks, players have to find and collect information from four lights.

Honkai Star Rail Has A Lot Of Quests And Secret Tasks To Perform:

Honkai: Star Rail has a lot of quests and secret tasks, which means that players can spend hours exploring what looks like a small area. Many of these tasks are also linked to each other, which means that people need to do certain things before they can start a certain quest.

In the Signs of Fragmentum quest within Honkai: Star Rail, one task asks players to get beacon data from Wubbaboo. Even though neither the task nor the domain is hard, it can be hard to find the Wubbaboo and get the light data because the animals hide in different places.

How To Finish The Poem Signs Of Fragmentum:

These lights are called Wubbaboos, and they look like small white bears. Below, you can see where each Wubbaboo can be found.

Beacon 1 Is Located At:

As quickly as you get to the task spot, you should look northeast. There ought to be a Wubbaboo right next to the people who do repairs.

Beacon 2 Is Located At:

There ought to be a room with a mob in it to your left. Go into the room and look at the top of the fence you used to get in from the inside. The top of the gate should have a Wubbaboo.

Beacon 3 Is Located At:

Keep going left via the gate, and the second Wubbaboo will be on your left. When you get to the end of the path, you’ll find another room. When you walk into the room, there’s a Wubbaboo in the left.

Where To Find Beacon 4:

Go return to the gate where the second Wubbaboo was found. Now, look to the right instead of going to the left. There ought to be a plant where you can find the last Wubbaboo.

When you see a Wubbaboo, just open your camera by pressing R on a PC or hitting the camera button on a mobile device.

If you point the Wubbaboo in the direction of the beacon, it will instantly read the beacon and get the information. Keep mind that you can only do the mission if you are at least level 15.

Some Advice:

When there is a Wubbaboo or enemy close, the camera button may flash. Pay close attention to this sign to find a hiding Wubbaboo quickly. Using the camera to take a picture of an enemy will make them take 50% greater harm in fight.


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