How To Change Your Hearts And Stamina And Swap Them In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Change Your Hearts And Stamina And Swap Them In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Tears of the Kingdom isn’t as hard as Elden Ring, but it can be hard. Even though many of these challenges are presented in the form of tricky tasks, a few of them are more standard battle and adventure dangers. That’s why you should always try to add to your heart tanks and energy wheel.

Hearts and energy will be important if you want to finish The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on your first try. Almost everything in the game can kill you in one hit if you don’t have enough hearts, and if you don’t have enough energy, you’ll quickly fall down from the sky or not be capable to sprint or climb when you need to.

You can improve both numbers to your satisfaction, but if you’d like to make changes later on, you may also respec, switching hearts for energy and vice versa. We’ll show you how to do that in this guide.

Where To Look For:

You have to finish one of the game’s Sage Dungeons, the Temples of Wind, Lightning, Water, or Fire, before you can respec and change how many lives and energy you have.

If you do that, the world will change, and when you go back to the emergency shelter at Lookout Landing, you’ll see that the Shiekah woman who was cleaning has made a new hole in the wall.

You can talk to the woman to get the “Who Goes There?” sub quest, then go into the new hole and follow the monster voice coming from inside. To find where the noise is coming from, you’ll have to break a lot of rocks.

We broke through with bombs, flowers, and weak guns with rocks joined to them. At some point, you’ll come to a nook on your right with a strange statue of a god with a stumpy head. This is the figure of the Horned God.

If you pray to him, he will randomly take one of your hearts, but if you keep talking to him, you can either get the heart back or trade it to gain more energy.

When the statue queries if you’d like to make a deal, you should say yes. When you do, you may invest in a single heart or energy increase for 100 rupees and then swap it for 120 rupees.

Even if you give back the heart or energy upgrade, you won’t get a full return. It always costs more to get back what the figure took.

How Many Hearts And Stamina Can You Have At The Most?

Within the Tears of the Kingdom game, you can have a maximum of 30 heart containers. You can only have three wheels of energy at a time.

At this point, it’s not clear if goddess figures alone are enough to fill up your hearts and energy to the max. But that’s because you can get more heart containers by beating certain bosses or tasks, and that’s what most players are going to do.

To verify the goddess figurine method, you would have to finish each shrine without getting any more heart cases any other way.

It might be possible to do that, but it would be very hard. But it looks like you can finally max out your heart tanks and energy wheels by using all the ways to improve.


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