How To Become A Well-Known Writer And Author In BitLife

How To Become A Well-Known Writer And Author In Bit-Life:

Writers had to work very hard to improve their skills and become known around the world. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. In BitLife, the exact same thing is true. To become a well-known writer, you have to work hard to get a good name in the field.

BitLife acts as a real-life simulation video game where you can learn new skills, attend school, get a job, get married, as well as more. Writer/publisher is one of the jobs you are eligible for, and we’re here to help you become as famous as J.R.R. Tolkien as well as Stephen King.

Players can choose from many different jobs in Bit-Life, and a few of them give characters the chance to get rich and popular.

One of these jobs is writing, and certain fans will definitely want to do it to become famous. This guide tells those BitLife players who want to grow into famous writers how to do it.

Want to know how to get famous as an author in BitLife? With this BitLife Life Simulator tutorial guide, you are going to discover how to become a writer or a famous author.

Can You Write Your Way To Fame In BitLife?

Absolutely you can become famous as a writer within BitLife, but you must first get paid as a writer before you can even think about becoming famous. This isn’t a hard job, but there are a few things you need to do.

How To Be A Well-Known Writer?

Before you can write for Bit-Life, you have to finish high school. Your character needs to be smart, so you want to give him or her as much intelligence as you can. This can be done in a number of ways, such as by going to the library or reading books in the “never-ending” minigame.

Read Books:

If you want to escape the minigame when your character is old enough, you should read books and then go to the library. Both of these things are good ways to keep your character’s intelligence high.

Go To College And Get Degree In English:

After high school, your character needs to go to college and work on getting a degree in English. You should need about four years to finish this. After that, we think you should go to a graduate school that focuses on English.

This shouldn’t take as long, but it’s important to keep your Smarts number high. After you’ve done that and gotten your degree, you’ll need to wait until a writing job opens up in the jobs section.

Find The Job Titled Publisher Under Occupation Tab:

There is a fair amount of luck involved in getting this job, so if you wait, it should come. You should also see the word “Publisher” next to it. If you don’t see any jobs with the Publisher name displayed next to them, you might want to close the Bit-Life app and start it back up.

Get A Job As A Writer:

When you start the game, a new set of jobs should show up on the Occupation page. Hopefully, these are the ones you want. You can keep performing this till the right job comes along. This will keep your character from getting too old too fast.

When You Get Job Work Hard:

When your character holds a job, just like with any other job, you have to work hard at it every year to keep your character’s Smarts strong.

We suggest that you keep your smarts number high and keep reading books while you’re working. This will make it easier for you to keep your job and get better at it.

You Have To Work Hard For 10 Years:

If you are a writer and work hard for seven to ten years, you should become well-known. You’ll get the fame status, and you’ll need to keep your fame up by authoring books every now and then.

There is a special way to get this job, but it’s not too hard. Finding the Writer job under the “Occupation” tab may be the biggest problem, but you’ll additionally require a character with a high Smarts stat when they first start. You can always roll a new character if you want to start over.

Put out books as well as hope that they sell a lot when they come out. The more best-sellers you write, the more likely it is that you will become a famous writer within Bit-Life.

This part was easy. You have years of hard work ahead of you in the field. You will have worked to climb upwards many players have to play the part for about 20 years before they get that fame bar.


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