All Tasks And Rewards For The Lucrative Lexicon Challenge BitLife

All Tasks And Rewards For The Lucrative Lexicon Challenge Bit-Life:

Bit-Life has a new challenge called the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge. This task in Bit-Life is about reading and finishing books, so you’d like your character to become a famous author. Putting in this much effort can take a long time, and you don’t have a lot of time to finish this task.

The Lucrative Lexicon is going to be available for a short time before being locked aside in Bit-Life’s vault. If you’re in Superstar mode, you can finish this task later if you have it. Here’s what you require to know about each job in the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge and the Bit-Life benefits you’ll get.

The Task Has Already Started, So Move Quickly!

Prepare for another Bit-Life test. If you want to be a great writer after April 15, 2023, you’ll need to work on your ability to read and write.

Not only does your character have to become well-known, but you also must compose good books and use social media. If you want to find out more, keep reading to find out how to finish the Bit-Life Lucrative Lexicon Challenge.

Did you know? Bit-Life is a great text-based life simulation game that you can now play in your computer.

For people who have never played this game before, Bit-Life is a beautiful game where you can live a virtual life without seeing or hearing anything. But it’s exciting to see your character grow as well as face tough problems in life.

You will begin the game to be a baby anywhere on the planet. The game also has ribbons, weekly tasks, and many other things that make it fun to play and keep people coming back.

This time, Bit-Life’s new task is the “Lucrative Lexicon Challenge.” If you are new or don’t know how to solve hard tasks, keep reading the guide.

How To Finish The Profitable Lexicon Challenge:

Everyone who plays the smartphone game can take part in the Lucrative Lexicon Challenge. You will only be able to do this with one character on your page and one life. In Bit-Life’s Lucrative Lexicon Challenge, you will need to do these things.

  1. Read the Dictionary
  2. Become a famous author
  3. Write 2+ best-selling books
  4. Write Adult Fiction
  5. Write a viral Facebook Blog Post

How To Use Bit-Life’s Dictionary:

The Dictionary was a book that you can read as your character. You might be able to choose and read this kind of book under the Activities part of the Mind and Body group in Bit-Life.

The dictionary won’t always be there, so your character will have to wait until it shows up in the list of books to read.

How To Get Famous As A Writer In Bit-Life:

Your character becoming a popular author in Bit-Life is one of the harder parts of this challenge.

This is the most time-consuming job because your character must be strong to get the best grades in high school and college. Make sure they get an English degree while they are in college.

After they get their degree in English, their next move is to apply as well as wait for the Writer job to show up under the Occupation menu, which is next to the Publisher tree. Your character deserves the job if you have a degree in English.

Now, in this job, you’ll have to work hard. You’ll need to write books often and keep their Smarts stat high by reading books and playing puzzle games all through their Bit-Life. After a few years in this job and a few books that do well, your character will grow into a well-known author.

How To Write Two Or More Best Sellers In Bit-Life:

After your character becomes a famous author, this job should be pretty easy to do.

Basically, this job takes a decent amount of time to finish, and your character will have to keep writing books. But if they keep writing books all over their Bit-Life lives, a few of them will end up best sellers, which will finish this job.

How To Create A Book For Adults:

This kind of book belongs to a certain genre. If your character belongs to a writer, choose this type before you make a book, and the job will be done.

How To Write A Blog Post That Goes Viral On Facebook:

For this job, your character needs to join social media, specifically Facebook. When writing, they have to make a blog post from their Facebook page, so it will need to go viral, which comes down to luck.

If your character grows a well-known author, it should be a lot simpler for their social media posts to go popular.

Getting a post on social media to go popular is all about luck, so write as many of these as you can for your character every year. We think that you should write no fewer than five a year.

Five is a good number that shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with when your character’s social media account loses fans. After you’ve done all of these things, the Lucrative Lexicon Mission is going to be over, and you can get your random Bit-Life look from one of four random boxes.


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