How To Beat The Butcher In Diablo IV

How To Beat The Butcher In Diablo IV:

There are a lot of enemies to fight in Diablo IV. Some of them are easy to take down, but others will put up a tough fight. But there is one monster you should watch out for:

Yes, the famous demon is in the latest book in the series, and he’s able to kill you right away. We’ll talk about how to beat the Butcher in Diablo IV in this guide.

Diablo 4 by Blizzard has an exciting role-playing game (RPG) part set in a tough world. In the game, there are a lot of mobs and enemies that are very strong and can be dangerous to the main character.

Some demons have a set place and time to show up, but others, such as the Butcher, like to show up anywhere in the dungeon to scare the players.

Difficulty Very Hard
Rewards The Butcher’s Cleaver
Must Haves Beta Access

How To Look For The Butcher:

The Butcher is a random interaction that pops up in dungeons that players are at present running. He won’t have a set spawn location, so he could show up in any room of the dungeon as you clear it. As of this writing, there isn’t a way to reliably make the Butcher appear.

You Has To Be Fast:

Be aware that if you dead or don’t kill the Butcher quickly enough, he will disappear, leaving a pool of blood behind. If you’re playing on Hardcore, it’s best to stay away from him unless you’re in a group that has a good single-target DPS build.

When the butcher walks into the room, you’ll notice that he has a lot more HP than you do. He would then spawn at the exact same level as you, but you won’t be able to beat him.

So, you shouldn’t even think about trying to fight him, since one struck from the Butcher can take away most of your character’s health.

Instead, you should run out of the space while making sure the butcher is right behind you. The butcher will stand still in the doorway when you leave the room. Then you can attack him as hard as you can without worrying about being attacked back.


After a while, the Butcher would then die, and you can pick up high-level loot, gold, as well as experience points from his body.

How To Deal With The Butcher Most Effectively:

In a fight, the most effective strategy for dealing with the Butcher is to stay out of its reach. If you meet him in a room, leave right away through the door. Make sure he follows you all the way to the exit, where the AI will stop.

Now you can attack him as well as keep chipping away at his health bar. In Diablo 4, keep attacking this powerful beast until you kill it. Once his AI freezes, you don’t have to be concerned with taking hit, but since he has a lot of health, it might take a while.


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