Can You Get Mounts In The Beta Of Diablo IV?

Can You Get Mounts In The Beta Of Diablo IV?

In Diablo IV, you would then kill hordes of enemies and also get epic loot. You’ll do all of this while riding some of the coolest looking life forms in the realm.

From fiery demon horses to icy dragon-like beasts, these mounts are more than just a way to get around. They also show how powerful and stylish you are. Because, let’s be honest, walking around the huge world of Diablo IV is a pain.

That’s why it’s important to find the mount & stable master locations. Donan’s Favor is a quest that gives you access to all mounts. It will make your trip through Sanctuary much easier if you finish it. You have to finish Donan’s Favor, a quest that lets you ride any horse. But does the beta really have it?

The early access beta for Diablo 4 is finally up and running, giving players a lot of things to do and enjoy before the RPG comes out for real in June.

Early access is turning out to be quite a memorable experience for fans of the franchise. There are hordes of monsters to kill and legendary gear to get.

Fans still want more even though a lot of content has been sent out in betas. When you’re as big as the Diablo series, you would expect to get this kind of response. But one question that keeps coming up on the Internet is whether mounts would be available during both betas.

Are You Able To Obtain Mounts?

During the beta, you won’t have the ability to ride your horse into battle, which is too bad. We looked all over the country, but the only stable master we could find was Miletka. She can be found in the area of Fractured Peaks called Sarkova Pass.

You Can Not Complete This Quest In Beta:

Now, before you go galloping off into the sunset, you have to complete a quest to be able to ride these magnificent animals. And because it’s a level 30 quest, it can’t be done in the beta, due to the level cap of 25.

You Need To Complete A Quest To Unlock Mount:

When the full game comes out, you’ll have to move through the campaign until you reach “Mount: Donan’s Favor” and beat it. Only then will the Stable Masters let you in, giving you the skills to ride like a boss.

Until then, you’ll only have your feet. Even if you get a tasty mount drop, you won’t have the opportunity to ride it until you’re able to do that quest.

It’s a big bummer, but don’t worry, we’ll maintain our ears to the ground and then let you know as quickly as this limitation is lifted. Keep a look out for Miletka as well as the stables in the meantime, because walking is for wimps, as we all know.


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