How To Access Wayshrines In Resident Evil 4

How To Access Wayshrines In Resident Evil 4:

In the village area of the Resident Evil 4 remake, there are a lot of wayshrines to find. When you get close to a Wayshrine, you could indeed interact with it, but it will open your inventory and tell you that you need a key to open it.

To open them, you need a specific key, and it takes a long time to find it. In the Resident Evil 4 remake, here’s everything you need to know about how to open Wayshrines.

What Are Wayshrines In The New Version Of Resident Evil 4?

In the remake of Resident Evil 4, each Wayshrine is a special box that needs to be opened with the Old Wayshrine Key, which is found in Chapter 4 after a boss fight with the monster Del Lago. The key itself is in a chest in a shrine on the south side of the lake. If you’re on the critical path, it’s hard to miss.

How To Find The Key To The Old Wayshrine:

The old Wayshrine key is the only way to get into the Wayshrine locations. Unfortunately, this doesn’t show up for a long time, so you’ll probably come across several Wayshrines you’re able to talk to but can’t open.

The best thing to do is to keep reading the story until you get to Chapter 4. You have to keep an eye out for this key, which is hidden somewhere along your path.

You Must First Get To Mural Cave:

When you reach the Mural Cave shortly after the beginning of Chapter 4, the Old Wayshrine key will be there. At this point, you should turn to the right as well as start looking into the two places shown on the mural cave.

This should let you get the church key that is inside the mural cave. As you walk towards the lake, there is a small shrine on the right with a box in it.

When you open the box after interacting with it, you’ll find an Old Wayshrine Key that you are able to utilize. This is how you can open all of the Wayshrines you found while exploring the game and then go back to them.

The Wayshrines ought to have a clear marker on your map, which would make it easier to find these places from before. You’ll have to go back a long way to find them, but what’s inside is helpful and gives you a good amount of money you could use all through your Resident Evil 4 remake playthrough.

Wayshrine Locations And What Each Contains:


Exact Location And Reward

Farm Wayshrine When facing the main door of the big locked barn in the Farm area, head around the side to the left of it to find the shrine. Contains an Antique Pipe.
Lakeside Settlement Wayshrine This can be found down the path to the left of the main Lakeside Settlement building where you free Luis. Contains a Pearl Bangle (12,000 ptas)
Quarry Wayshrine Just after you head through the Quarry in chapter three, you’ll find this Wayshrine just before the Merchant’s big shop. Contains a Butterfly Lamp (6,000 ptas)
River Wayshrine This one is accessible in chapter four right after you get the Old Wayshrine Key. From the pier leading into the Merchant’s shop, head up the river in the boat away from the Lake as far as you can go, and you’ll find a little landing point with a Wayshrine. Contains a Splendid Bangle (4,000 ptas)
Checkpoint Wayshrine This one is only accessible during chapter six when you’re fleeing the village and have to fight the two chainsaw women in the Checkpoint area. You can find it on the upper level of the arena. Contains Elegant Headdress (7,000 ptas)


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