What To Do With The Small Keys In Resident Evil 4

What to Do With the Small Keys in Resident Evil 4:

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can find many useful things as you explore the dangerous map. Small keys are likely to be among the more valuable resources you’ll find.

Most of the time, these keys aren’t very important to the game, but they do help you unlock certain objects, which usually means you could indeed make more money during your playthrough.

In the remake of Resident Evil 4, there are plenty of things to find in each of the game’s three main areas. Some of these are locked behind puzzles, and others can only be opened with small keys. If you find a locked drawer, it means there’s a treasure inside waiting to be taken.

All Small Keys Location:

Small Key No.


Small Key 1 This is easily accessible during chapter two after you and Luis escape. Find it in the building at the far end of the Valley, inside the smaller of the two rooms, in a case on a shelf.
Small Key 2 This one is also easy to grab during chapter two, located in the corner of the dining room in the Village Chief’s Manor.
Small Key 3 When you go to get boat fuel from the Fish Farm, you can find this key in a drawer in a shack just next to the one where the boat fuel is located.
Small Key 4 Once you get the insignia key as part of the main story, unlock the symbol gate just next to the Lakeside Settlement to access the Forest Altar. Climb the ladder to the altar itself and you’ll find the key off to the side on the back of a cart by a barrel.
Small Key 5 When you unlock the Church in chapter four, this key is located on a table with flowers next to the altar.


How Small Keys Can Be Used:

The small keys are the only way to open any locked drawers you come across during your game. Most of the time, these locked drawers hold valuable items that you’re able to add to your collection and afterwards sell back to The Merchant for a high price.

The value of these things varies. No matter what you find in the locked drawer, it will help you buy valuable items from The Vendor as you play the game.

Small keys like these can be found all over the game. It’s hard to find them, but it’s worth it to keep them in your inventory till the you discover another locked drawer.

Then, all you need to do is walk up to the drawer, choose the small key you are interested in employing, and get what’s inside. There are only a few of these small keys scattered around the map, so you should go out of your route to search for them in places that aren’t on the main path.

If you walk by a small key without picking it up, it should show up as an icon on your map. Then, you can go back to that place to get it. In the Resident Evil 4 remake, you can make sure you don’t miss important items like this by going through the map as well as checking your progress.


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