How Do I Complete Reject The Mother Side Quest Within Diablo 4

How Do I Complete Reject The Mother Side Quest Within Diablo 4?

There are a lot of side quests in Diablo 4, with more than 100 in each of Sanctuary’s five distinct regions. Some side quests are easy, like bringing pig meat or killing a certain number of monsters. However, some side tasks can be harder to finish.

The Reject the Mother task in Diablo 4 has been tripping up players because it is locked behind a primary game quest and requires players to solve a puzzle in order to finish it.

Where To Start Reject The Mother Quest:

The Diablo 4 side quest “Reject the Mother” can be found within the Dry Steppes area. It gives you a puzzle to answer. Like the Secret of the Spring mission, you’ll need to use the hints to find the spot and then use the right emote when you get there.

In Diablo 4, these additional missions are a way to earn Renown, but they can also have interesting extra material. In the Reject the Mother side quest, for example, players will have to answer a puzzle and do a move in order to finish it.

Diablo 4 is a game that doesn’t have a lot of hard problems. The usual emotes are used in most of the game’s answers. One of these puzzle-based side quests is “Reject the Mother.” Here’s how users can turn it on and then figure it out.

How To Get Started With Diablo 4 Reject The Mother Quest?

The Reject the Mother task in Diablo 4 takes place in the Tusmaa Rift region of the Dry Steppes region, which is east of the important town Ked Bardu and can only be reached by a narrow road to the southwest or southeast.

Also, you are unable to begin the Diablo 4 Reject the Mother task until you finish the campaign’s primary quest Whittling Sanity, which you can find near the beginning of the Act 3 strand. This is because it unlocks the north part of Tusmaa Rift, which is normally closed off.

Once you’ve finished the Whittling Sanity quest, you’ll see an additional task marker in the area demonstrated on the map above. This marker will lead you to a Torn Note that was recently crushed into the dirt.

Even though you can find and talk to the letter before that, the Reject the Mother mission won’t start until the sign shows up and gives you the following puzzle to solve.

How To Complete Reject The Mother Quest:

You can start the Reject the Mother side quest by talking to a ripped note east of Ked Bardu within the Tusmaa Rift area of the Dry Steppes.

Head east from Ked Bardu through the valleys and hills of the Tusmaa Rift till you find the torn note. Like other side tasks, it will be marked alongside a blue exclamation point.

When you read the torn note, you’ll find out that you need to tell a secret figure of Lilith that you don’t like her. To find this statue, keep going through the valleys and past the derelict residence into a cave.

At the end of the cave, near the gate to the Dark Ravine dungeon, you will find the statue. After you read the torn note, the quest goal will be marked on your map.

Here, open your emote wheel as well as choose “No” while standing ahead of the figure. This will make a box appear nearby. When you open it, it will drop some things, which will finish the quest.

When you finish this quest, you’ll get gold, experience, and gear. You’ll also get twenty Renown for the Dry Steppes area, which will get you a little closer to your next goal.

Which Emote To Use?

Stand directly in front of the statue as well as utilize the “No” emote. The statue is at the far end of the tunnel that leads to the dungeon. To do this, press E to open the emote menu, then hit edit as well as scroll via the list of emotes to find the one you want to add to a vacant spot.

What You’ll Receive If You Finish Reject The Mother Quest Completely:

Once you do this, a Heretic’s Cache will show up to the right of the figure. When you open this box, you get cash, some random pieces of equipment, and some XP.


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