The Best Parts Of A Diablo 4 Build For A Bone Necromancer Are

The Best Parts Of A Diablo 4 Build For A Bone Necromancer Are:

The Corpse Explosion Necromancer, or, to be more exact, the “never-ending chain of exploding corpses, deadly bones, as well as Blood Mist” Necromancer build, is without a doubt the best Necromancer build in Diablo 4.

It’s time to develop into less of a leader of skeleton armies and more of an expert at setting things off. You want to know what the best Diablo 4 Bone Necromancer build is?

The Bone Necromancer represents one of the most effective builds within Diablo 4. It can do a lot of damage, has a high chance to get a Critical Strike, and has a lot of extra benefits when you do.

We’ll also focus on a few ways to make enemies Vulnerable, which can be a huge damage booster if you find things that have significant Vulnerable damage effects.

In Diablo 4, setting up the Necromancer’s Bone Spirit skill takes a lot of work. Once players receive the right gear and side effects going, though, this ability becomes the character’s single most powerful nuke.

There are 115 levels in Diablo 4, which is a lot. Players can enjoy them or battle to get through them, based on who you ask. But not every one of them are good for your class or the way you like to build. Because of this, if you’re using the Bone Build Necromancer, you have to clear these levels.

What Is A Bone Build Necromancer?

The Bone Build Necromancer casts spells that do a lot of damage with bones. The magic damage, critical hits, and extra effects of this standard build make it hard to beat.

This necromancer is the most powerful in the game because he has the biggest damage ratio. To get this build, players must first to get a set of gear, gems, as well as aspects.

Area Dungeon Aspect Aspect Effect
Fractured Peaks Rimescar Cavern Aspect of Plunging Darkness Causes Bone Prison to spawn a pool of Blight that deals 50% bonus damage over six seconds.
Fractured Peaks Nostrava Deepwood Flesh-Rending Aspect Grants +10 essence after Decompose spawns a corpse.
Fractured Peaks Black Asylum Aspect of Torment Provides +20% energy regeneration for four seconds when a critical strike is achieved with a Bone skill.
Fractured Peaks Caldera Gate Eluding Aspect Grants unstoppable for four seconds when becoming injured while crowd-controlled; it has a 40-second cooldown.
Scosglen Vault of the Forsaken Requiem Aspect Increases the maximum essence by +3 per active minion
Scosglen Aldurwood Aspect of Reanimation Increases Skeletons’ damage while they are alive, up to 20% after 10 seconds.
Scosglen Hive Aspect of Swelling Curse Causes Bone Spirit to deal increased damage based on the distance traveled, up to 15%.
Dry Steppes Path of the Blind Aspect of Bursting Bones Deals X damage in an area around a segment of Bone Prison when it is destroyed or expires.
Dry Steppes Champion’s Demise Aspect of the Umbral Restores +1 of the primary resource whenever an enemy is crowd-controlled.
Dry Steppes Guulrahn Slums Splintering Aspect Causes Bone Spear’s primary attack to make enemies hit beyond the first vulnerable for 1.5 seconds; Bone Shards from Bone Spear deal 50% bonus damage to vulnerable enemies and pierce them.
Kehjistan Hall of the Damned Aspect of Disobedience Grants +0.25% increased armor for four seconds when dealing any type of damage; stacks up to 25%.
Kehjistan Shivta Ruins Wind Striker Aspect Grants +8% movement speed for one second, up to six seconds, when landing critical strikes.
Kehjistan Corrupted Grotto Aspect of Grasping Veins Provides +10% critical strike chance for six seconds when casting Corpse Tendrils; deals +30% bonus damage to enemies affected by Corpse.

The Best Bone Necromancer Build Abilities For Diablo 4 Are:

Here is an orderly list of all the skills you need to get for our Diablo four Bone Necromancer build.

Level Skill Cluster
2 Bone Splinters level 1 1 (Basic)
3 Enhanced Bone Splinters 1 (Basic)
4 Acolyte’s Bone Splinters 1 (Basic)
5 Bone Spear level 1 2 (Core)
6 Enhanced Bone Spear 2 (Core)
7 Paranormal Bone Spear 2 (Core)
8 Corpse Explosion level 1 3 (Macabre)
9 Enhanced Corpse Explosion 3 (Macabre)
10 Plagued Corpse Explosion 3 (Macabre)
11 Corpse Explosion level 2 3 (Macabre)
12 Corpse Explosion level 3 3 (Macabre)
13 Corpse Explosion level 4 3 (Macabre)
14 Bone Spear level 2 2 (Core)
15 Bone Spear level 3 2 (Core)
16 Bone Spear level 4 2 (Core)
17 Bone Spear level 5 2 (Core)
18 Bone Spirit level 1 5 (Summoning)
19 Enhanced Bone Spirit 5 (Summoning)
20 Ghastly Bone Spirit 5 (Summoning)
21 Corpse Tendrils level 1 5 (Summoning)
22 Enhanced Corpse Tendrils 5 (Summoning)
23 Plagued Corpse Tendrils 5 (Summoning)
24 Death’s Reach level 1 4 (Corruption)
25 Bone Storm 6 (Ultimate)
26 Prime Bone Storm 5 (Summoning)
27 Supreme Bone Storm 6 (Ultimate)
28 Death’s Reach level 2 4 (Corruption)
29 Death’s Reach level 3 4 (Corruption)
30 Serration level 1 5 (Summoning)
31 Serration level 2 5 (Summoning)
32 Serration level 3 5 (Summoning)
33 Compound Fracture level 1 5 (Summoning)
34 Compound Fracture level 2 5 (Summoning)
35 Ossified Essence 7 (Key Passive)
36 Compound Fracture level 3 5 (Summoning)
37 Evulsion level 1 5 (Summoning)
38 Evulsion level 2 5 (Summoning)
39 Evulsion level 3 5 (Summoning)
40 Rapid Ossification level 1 5 (Summoning)
41 Rapid Ossification level 2 5 (Summoning)
42 Rapid Ossification level 3 5 (Summoning)
43 Grim Harvest level 1 3 (Macabre)
44 Grim Harvest level 2 3 (Macabre)
45 Grim Harvest level 3 3 (Macabre)
46 Fueled By Death level 1 3 (Macabre)
47 Fueled By Death level 2 3 (Macabre)
48 Fueled By Death level 3 3 (Macabre)
49 Stand Alone level 1 5 (Summoning)
Renown Point 1 Stand Alone level 2 5 (Summoning)
Renown Point 2 Stand Alone level 3 6 (Ultimate)
Renown Point 3 Memento Mori level 1 6 (Ultimate)
Renown Point 4 Memento Mori level 2 6 (Ultimate)
Renown Point 5 Memento Mori level 3 6 (Ultimate)
Renown Point 6 Corpse Explosion level 5 3 (Macabre)
Renown Point 7 Bone Spirit level 2 5 (Summoning)
Renown Point 8 Bone Spirit level 3 5 (Summoning)
Renown Point 9 Bone Spirit level 4 5 (Summoning)
Renown Point 10 Bone Spirit level 5 5 (Summoning)


Bone Splinters:

In this Bone Necromancer build, Bone Splinters is your starter. It gives you Essence so you can keep using Bone Spear.

It’s not too important outside of Essence Generation, yet the Acolyte’s Bone Splinters update gives +8% Critical Strikes Chance for a period of four seconds if you hit an identical enemy a minimum of 3 times with the exact same type of Bone Splinters.

That won’t happen very often towards packs, but it will often give you a boost to your chance to hit a boss.

Spear Of Bone:

The Bone Spear has a strong long attack that does a lot of damage and can hit multiple enemies at once by going through them. Since we’re building around Critical Strike Opportunity, you ought to use Paranormal Bone Spear for the extra 5% Critical Strike Chance with this skill.

Corpse Explosion:

Corpse Explosion was a very useful damage supplier when you’re low on Essence as well as need to cut down a mob, so we highly suggest taking it even though it is inconsistent into the Bone theme.

body Explosion does a lot of damage, but when you eat a body, it also works with Grim Harvest as well as Fueled By Death to give you six essences as well as boost your damage by 9% for six seconds.

Corpse Tendrils:

Corpse Tendrils and Corpse Explosion work well together because they pull enemies towards one another and pack them together. It also gives enemies the Slow as well as Vulnerable effects, which makes your Plagued Corpse Explosion as well as Evulsion skills do a lot more damage.

Bone Spirit:

Bone Spirit has a strong bomb that lets out a spirit that runs at enemies and blows up when it hits them. It does a lot of damage, 112% of the skill damage plus 3% more for every point of Essence spent when Bone Spirit is thrown.

The bad thing about this is that Bone Spirit uses up all of your leftover Essence, so you’ll need Bone Splinters as well as Corpse Explosion to get back into the game fast. When an elitist or elite comes at you, use Bone Spirit to take a big part out of their wellness bar.

Storm Bone:

Your ultimate is Bone Storm, which sends a strong storm surrounding your character for 10 seconds that does a lot of damage.

The really strong benefits come with the upgrades, though. While your ultimate was active, Prime Bone Storm as well as Supreme Bone Storm reduce damage by 15% and increase the chance of a critical hit by 20%.


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