Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Will Be Revealed Soon

We are sure that all the players, as well as fans, have been eagerly waiting to get all the latest updates on the new or the next game that Hideo Kojima will be bringing.

But all the players will be more than happy to know that the next game of Hideo Kojima will soon be revealed. 

As you all know, Hideo Kojima did manage to release the first game the last November ever since he did leave the amazing Konami and Metal Gear Solid. You must know that upon releasing the Death Stranding, most of the players believe that it was quite divisive.

But over time, the game itself becomes one of the most original games of the generation that most players loved to play. It comes as no surprise that the game was indeed one of the best games of 2019.

That was all in the last year, but you must know that Hideo Kojima is working really hard on the project this year. 

While talking about Twitter, all the fans need to know that Luvid Forssell who happens to be the composer and audio director at Kojima productions did manage to share an image. The image was all about the recent orchestral recording.

According to Luvid, the orchestral recording is representing the new and unannounced game that will be the upcoming one Hideo Kojima is going to bring all the players.

If you will look closely at the image of the recent orchestral recording then it is sure that you will be able to notice Hideo Kojima present in the image.

That is why most players as well as fans have been wondering what the unannounced game is all about and how Hideo Kojima is going to provide excitement to the players this time.

Also, most fans are curious to know everything about the new and upcoming game by Hideo Kojima. 


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