Apex Legends Developers Unveils Update On A Big Issue Ahead Of Season 7

One thing is sure that if you are one of the players who did play the Apex Legends game with its latest update then you will have definitely noticed a huge number of audio issues.

Yes, it is sure that most of the players have not been able to control themselves but notice some audio issues while playing the game during season 6.

Among all the audio issues that the players are dealing with currently, one of the most notable audio issues is where you can not hear the enemy’s footsteps even though the enemy is nearby. 

Undoubtedly, there are some players who have been extremely frustrated by suffering through such audio issues in the Apex Legends game. Because you will not be able to hear the sound of the footsteps of the enemy whenever they are close to you.

So you will not be able to play properly and eventually, you will lose the game which becomes more and more frustrating as the players will have to deal with the same issues again and again in the game.

But it is good news for all the Apex Legends players that the director of the game, Chad Grenier now knows about the audio issues. Believe it or not, but there are several steps that have been taken to resolve the issue. 

If you are going to believe director Chad Grenier then you need to believe that the team is currently working hard to find a solution to all the issues that the players are facing in the game, Apex Legends.

It is sure that Season 7 will be featuring some bug fixes but there are so many players who do not believe that the issues with footsteps will be resolved in the near future. But fans are hoping for the game to bring a new update with no audio issues.


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