Guide To The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason Puzzles

Guide To The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason Puzzles:

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you’ll need to solve a number of problems as you go through the game. These puzzles will happen during the primary narrative, while some of them will be in places you wouldn’t normally go. If you solve them, you’ll get special items or stat boosts that will help you out.

The Meditation Chamber within the Basalt Rift is one of these places. You’ll be able to look around this area once you have the tuner, which you’ll get after finishing the main story quest Key to Tanalorr.

Cal will tell you about a “rumor” about the chamber, and then a side task called “Explore the High Republic chamber within the forest” will show up on your map.

After the Chamber of Duality, the next Jedi Chamber you’re likely to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the Chamber of Reason. This room is in the Basalt Forest within the Basalt Rift on Koboh. A figure named Toa will tell you about a story about it and put you in the right way.

The Chamber of Reason is a strange game that you need to solve. It’s a building from the High Republic that’s on Koboh, and you have the option to explore it if you want to.

When you get to this point, there are a few rules you’ll need to learn, so it can take a while to figure out the whole thing. Here’s what you need to know to solve all the problems in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Chamber of Reason.

The Answer To Every Chamber Of Reason Puzzle:

You are able to begin the Chamber of Reason soon after a Twi’Lek named Toa tells you about a story regarding a High Republic building. They tell you about the “Explore a High Republic Structure within the Forest” story and tell you where you need to go in Jedi: Survivor to find it.

When you get to the spot and open the temple, the trial starts. This might be the first task you finish in Jedi: Survivor, but it comes before the one where you saved Zed.

It Was A Bright Ball That You Have To Put On A Pipe:

It has a bright ball that you have to put on a pipe in order to make a bridge work. The first ball will be on the opposite side of where you open the trial, as well as the connection will be right in front of you.

But before you pass the bridge, make sure to switch the duct so that it makes a bridge on your right side, not the left. Because of this small element, it’s easy to feel confused at this juncture in Jedi: Survivor’s Chamber of Reason.

This Is Not A Dead End Break The Wall And Make You Path:

This goes to a dead end, but it shows you a wall you can break through to get to the next orb, which you must acquire to get to the next area.

Once this wall is gone, use Force Pull to get the orb and move it back to where you started. Then, move the lever so that the bridge lies to the left, and use the ball to cross it.

When you get to the other side, get on the lift and go to the next floor. You’ll be able to use a second passageway, which is where you’ll put your new ball.

You’ll use the same method for solving this puzzle as you did in Jedi: Survivor, so you won’t have to learn too much new during this meeting.

Like the last bridge, you can move it to any of the left sides by using the handle, but this bridge won’t work. The bridge won’t be there for long, meaning that you have to run across it before you jump on the wall to get to the other level.

Now, when you get to this other level, you can get to a second wall. You can run on it and you have jump to the next floor, which will put you on the third floor. Take a left and you’ll be looking up at the second stage from below. You can now use Force Pull to bring the previous ball to you.

Go Back To Where You Came:

Bring it backward from where you came, and when you get to the ledge, give it a little tug to get it to land on the platform. You need to be careful so you don’t send it over the edge and have to go back to get it again.

You also need to move quickly, because if you wait too long, the ball will disappear and go back to the previous channel. This may be one of the hardest things to do in the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor.

When you climb onto the platform as well as catch the ball, you can throw it onto the pipe to your left to light this bridge. To get to this area, you have to jump over the gap. Then, use Force Pull on the button to start the lift, which will take you to the fourth and last level of the Chamber of Reason.

When you get to the last floor, employ Force Pull on the ball and pull it across the platform to the other side. Then, throw it at the last connection. This makes a bridge that takes you to the final area as well as lets you get the Force Essence you need to unlock the Dexterity perk.

You will have finished the Chamber of Reasons tasks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor when you pick up the Force Essence and turn on the perk.


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