Check Out The High Republic Chamber In The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Guide

Check Out The High Republic Chamber In The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Guide:

The first time you can do Explore the High Republic Chamber within the Forest is during the Main Story in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You will be tasked with finding out a High Republic Chamber that is hidden in the Forest Array.

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, not every path you go down will be easy. Many of the stories you hear will lead you in the right way for discovering something, but when you get there, you’ll have to figure out what you’re looking for along with how to find it.

Even when you’re in a world far, far away, you still have to do things. Yes, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers side quests. During the major task “Reach the Forest Array” on Koboh, you’ll meet a Toa who will tell you about the “Explore the High Republic Chamber within the Forest” story.

You will meet a Twi’Lek called Toa in the Basalt Rift on Kobah. He is studying the High Republic buildings on the planet and needs your help getting to a certain place.

She can’t do it by herself. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here’s what you need to understand regarding how to explore the High Republic Chamber within the Forest.

How To Begin Looking Around The High Republic Chamber:

This Jedi: Survivor story can be heard by talking to a Toa. This Twi’Lek will be in the Basalt Rift, near where you’ll discover the Forest Array.

She will be alone in an isolated camp as well as tell you regarding the buildings of the High Republic that she is trying to learn about. She has a good reason to stay in camp rather than risk getting shot by Imperial Stormtroopers if she goes out.

After you talk to Toa, she’ll tell you where to go to look into the High Republic Chamber. It’s not too far away from where she is now.

How To Visit The High Republic Chamber In Full:

After talking to Toa, leave her camp as well as go to the left. You’ll go up a road where you’ll find a few broken pillars and a hill you can walk up.

You’ll eventually come to a broken bridge on your right that goes to another area. You can check it out. Cal will figure out that you want to go to the Jedi: Survivor High Republic Chamber.

Between the spaces, there is going to be a line. You can bring it near you with Force Pull and jump over it. In the Jedi: Survivor story, Zed gave you a gadget that you can use to open the door when you get there.

You can walk into the room and use the lift to get to the next level. You’ll get to the Chamber of Reason from here. The Chamber of Reason acts as a temple where you have to answer a few problems.

Like a lot of the puzzles in the High Republic on Koboh, these ones require you to play a ball at a certain channel and turn on a bridge to get to the other side. You’ll have to figure out about four small problems to get to the end.

What Is Your Reward?

When you reach the conclusion of the Chamber of Reason, you’ll get a Force Essence treasure. When you reach the Force Essence, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor myth will be finished, and you will also have achieved the Chamber of Reason.


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