GTA Online Weekly Update Guide

GTA Online Weekly Update Guide:

The famous game GTA Online gets changes every week that add a range of new material. Most of the time, these changes have money bonuses or gifts you can win. Then, sometimes, they drop something really big, like a garage for 50 cars.

Still, GTA Online is always fun and interesting to play because there are new changes every week with all kinds of items to check out. This guide will tell you what’s going on in GTA Online right now.

The past year has been a big one for Rockstar Games as well as Grand Theft Auto. GTA 6 has been at the center of a lot of drama and news.

The eagerly anticipated third installment was announced last year, but a big leak has made the game public, likely a long time before it was meant to be. Since then, Rockstar has stated that the leaked film is real, as well as the hacker was caught.

GTA Online Update For April 20:

Every week, new features, things, and deals are added to different parts of GTA Online. It can be impossible to maintain up with what is fresh without a breakdown, so here is a list of what is new in the April 20 update for GTA Online.

Car Prizes:

This Week’s Prize Car The Difficulty:

This week’s prize car is a Dominator GTT. To get it, you have to win the LS Car Meet Series each day for three days straight.

This Week’s Cashio Car Prize:

This week, the Übermacht Revolter is the awarded car for the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel. You can only get this prize if you rotate the wheel and win.

Bonus Cash And HP:

On the following tasks, you’ll get extra money and health points:

  1. Shake up Deathmatch Mission – 3x
  2. Top Marks Deathmatch Mission – 3x
  3. RC Badnito Stunt Races – 2x

Getting 50% And 30% Off:

  1. Green Tire Smoke
  2. Green Space Horror Suit
  3. Vulcar Nebula Turbo
  4. Lampadati Tigon
  5. Pfister Neon
  6. Weed Farm Locations & Upgrades
  7. High-End apartment

The Gun Truck:

  • Knife
  • Baseball Bat
  • Machine Pistol
  • Machete
  • Railgun
  • Heavy Sniper
  • Service Carbine
  • Sweeper Shotgun
  • Molotov
  • Proximity Mine
  • Grenade
  • Body Armor

Twitch Prime Gamer Rewards For GTA Online:

Each week, these gifts that Twitch Prime Gaming members get can be different. This week, you’ll get 100K worth of GTA money every week, for a total of 400K.

From April 20 to April 26, GTA Online will have these new features, deals, and things.

Sign Up Bonuses For GTA Online:

  1. High Flyer Chute Bag
  2. Pastel Green Smoking Jacket
  3. Sprunk Chute


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