How To Complete My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost And Found Quest In Dead Island 2

How To Complete My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost And Found Quest In Dead Island 2:

Lost and Found quests are just one of the many things you can do in Dead Island 2 that will give you cool stuff. You start these by finding odd notes in different places, and you usually have to go to a couple of locations in a specific sequence to finish them.

Lost And Found Side Quest Is A Great Way To Get Awesome Guns:

The same is true for My Mailman Is a Zombie. In Dead Island 2, the “Lost and Found” side quests are a great way to get some really powerful guns. For these tasks, you’ll have to go to different parts of Hell-A and try to figure out what’s going on.

There Are Several Lost And Found Task IN Dead Island 2:

There are numerous Lost & Found tasks in Dead Island 2 that require you to find hints and find places without directions. If you haven’t got an excellent sense of direction, these tasks can be hard to figure out. They require you to know and explore each place well.

If you have found out that My Mailman was a Zombie! You can use this plan while wandering Hell-A to get to the finish line without too much trouble.

My Mailman Was a Zombie!, one of the first Lost as well as Found jobs you’ll see, asks you to find a lost mailman who was carrying goods but didn’t make it to their end destination.

Where The Mailman Can Be Found:

You’ll find out that my messenger was a zombie. Once you’ve gone sufficiently far in the main story, Lost as well as Found is nearby the delivery van upon Alpine Drive in Bel-Air.

In Dead Island 2, you need to have finished the second district and be at the hotel before the special Apex zombies start to appear. You can pick up the notebook next to the Special Delivery Case, which needs the Mailman’s Keys to open, to start the quest. The case is next to the van.

In the Lost and Found quest, you’ll have to follow the mailman’s path backwards because the important package on the ground never made it where it was meant to go, and the mailman holds the keys to open it.

If you look at the note in the mailman’s notebook, you can see that he started at 70 Alpine Drive, went to 59 Alpine Drive Goat Pen, and finally went to 132 Glitteratri Corner.

The mailman will leave a package in front of the accessible homes in Bel-Air, but not at 70 Alpine Drive. This means you can cross those off your list.

If you look at your map of Bel-Air, you’ll see that this delivery goes in one way down Alpine Drive and then loops back up towards Giltteratir Corner. That means that the following house is at the corner of Alpine Drive and Access Road 782.

When You Get There, You Find The Messenger There:

If you go to this spot, you’ll come across the mailman right outside the garage, near where the Bel-Air race starts. This zombie is known as Wayne the Mailman, as well as a few friends will be there to protect them.

Wayne is going to be a little stronger than your average special monster, so be careful when you’re up against him.

When You Finish This Side Quest, What Do You Get?

Once you’ve handled Wayne the Mailman, his keys will fall to the ground. Pick these up and go back to the delivery truck on Alpine Drive for opening the Special Delivery container. If everything goes as planned, you should get a new “kick-ass” tool.


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