Grow Followers & Likes with Effective Methods on Instagram

Who doesn’t want massive Instagram followings? Everyone wants.

If you are struggling to grow with a few hundred followers on Instagram, this guide is for you.

Buy Instagram followers strategy

Have a look around you & you will observe that everyone is having millions of likes, followers & comments. How is it possible? Buy Instagram followers strategy is simple & really common these days. At present, every person is following this trend to grow followings instantly.

There are a few people that associate this strategy with fake followers & bots. But, if you choose a reliable company to do business with, you can buy real Instagram followers to build up credibility. The best recommendation for you to buy Instagram followers UK is “Buy Instagram Followers”.

Connect your Instagram account to other social media accounts

This is a proven strategy & lots of people have reported positive steps with this. Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook account or Twitter account to get the best results. As soon as you do this, you will surely start growing your followings. At this age, almost 40% of your facebook or twitter friends will potentially have Instagram profiles too. In this way, they can discover you easily on Instagram & be a part of your community. This is the step you are supposed to take the time when you sign up. But, if you have done this yet, you can do it later as well.

Already have connected accounts? Let us try something else. You can share your Instagram photos or screenshots of your Instagram posts on Facebook & Twitter. It will surely get you the attention of people. It will let them know that you are also having other accounts & they are definitely going to follow you there as well.

Keep an eye for what works

Are you familiar with Instagram Popular tab? If not, get yourself familiar with this because it is really helpful to let you know what’s getting the most attention from people.

For instance, you find the top few popular photos on Instagram with this option. Closely observe them to see the pattern you followed & make sure to adopt it for later posts or photos.

One more important thing to mention is that here on Instagram, the people love to see the simple, beautiful & artistic content. Just ‘be yourself’ & that’s enough to get popularity. You don’t have to be a professional photographer & expert photo editor.

Use relevant keywords & popular hashtags

Hashtags are powerful & amazing at the same time!!

Some people find hashtags a bit annoying. They think that these are to categorize your content only. But, the fact is that it gives your photos & videos boosted visibility. Moreover, they also get high chances to be found on Instagram by your targeted audience. The best recommendation for you in this regard is to add 12 to 15 hashtags with your posts but make sure all of them are top ones. The trendier the hashtags; the higher the chances of getting followers & likes. A simple Google search can help you to find out the top relevant hashtags.

If we talk about the popular hashtags generally, these are #love, #tbt, #food, #picoftheday, #instalike, & #colorful.

Adding relevant keywords is also important & yes, the Geotagging.

Follow & like to get Followers & likes

To make the people notice you or to grab their attention towards you, you are supposed to proffer them one of two services: Follow them or like them

As per Neil, on average, he got 21 likes for every hundred & 6 followers as well. As he says, you don’t have to follow the people for this amazing response. But, following random people & waiting for the follow back also works. There is no harm in this & people these days make use of this simple tactic to grow followings. It also creates a sort of curiosity in them to know you & this curiosity leads them to follow you.

Offer coupons, discounts & prizes

If you are a business owner, no matter small or big you own, you can always choose to offer coupons, discounts & prizes to get the followings. This is the easiest way you can promote your products & increase real followers as well at the same time.

Instagram contests are proved amazing to get followers & likes. Offering discount coupons work the same.

You can simply proffer people a chance to win your product or services by taking part in a contest. And the ticket to enter the contest is liking your posts or following your account. Almost all top brands make use of this strategy to increase followers & their brand’s visibility.


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