The Psychology of the Blue Color in Marketing

It has been understood by various psychologists that a specific color is very important in creating an emotional trigger. This is why traffic lights use red color, for an alert feeling when driving a vehicle. The same concept is now being applied to the topic of marketing. Colour has its impact on the feeling, mood and behavior of a person. So, without further ado, let’s see the reasons why the blue color is so important in marketing.

Marketing in Blue Colour

In real life, the color blue may look dull. But in terms of marketing, the idea is totally different. It has been said that the blue color helps in gaining trust, and has been related to reliability and also quality as well. This is why many multi-billion dollar companies use blue color – like IBM, Ford, Samsung, GE, etcetera.

For example, Sandals, which is a luxury all-inclusive resort in the tourism industry, use the combination of blue and white color on their website. This color combination reminds the user of various vacations at sea resorts and destinations. This shows that blue and white combination has the highest trust of all other color combinations. The company also added different shades of black color to their website as well, and it seems to work too – as it is a clever use of colors.

Even social media leaders like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also use the color blue as well. In the marketing world, companies like Constant Contact and Salesforce use the blue colour as well. And then comes the finance companies, like PayPal, Visa, American Express – which all uses the colour blue.

Also, it has been seen that changing the color of the CTA or Call To Action button also increases the overall conversion rate. This was proved when a CTA button color was changed from green to red and the conversion increased by almost 21 percent.

The Theory of different colors

One should always look at the primary colours of the exact profession that the company is running or the person.

For an artist, the primary colors should always be the main pigment. The same concept applies to when you are looking for light as the primary source of color – then the colors yellow, cyan and magenta comes into play. For displays or monitors, it should be RGB or Red, Green and Blue.

Therefore, Red, Green and Blue – are the three most important colors, and are also the building blocks of psychology in marketing as well.

The psychology of colours

Even though understanding colours is not important in design, it is very important in knowing about psychology regarding human emotions. The blue colour should be used wisely because it can either create a strong emotion or a weak one – depending upon how it is used.

In general, blue always gives a calm effect on a person’s mind. Also, it is the colour of trust and wisdom as well. All because of this, the blues in marketing, how color sells a concept can be seen, as blue is the safest option to choose from.


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